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The following chart and table shows the performance of key SuperRatings' investment options.

It works similar to major share indices and provides a consistent measurement for super funds and consumers. The SR50 is published to provide a better representation of return medians, ensuring that small funds (with few members) do not have a major impact on the median result.

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Value of $1000 Over Time

Latest Returns to 30 June 2017
Index Name1 Mth Return3 Mth ReturnFYTD Return1 Year Return3 Year Return5 Year Return7 Year Return10 Year Return
SR25 High Growth (91-100) Index-0.33%2.30%14.11%14.11%8.62%12.47%9.53%4.29%
SR50 Growth (77-90) Index-0.08%2.00%11.84%11.84%8.11%11.16%9.02%4.58%
SR50 Balanced (60-76) Index0.02%2.01%10.53%10.53%7.58%9.97%8.22%4.78%
SR25 Conservative Balanced (41-59) Index-0.10%1.49%7.20%7.20%5.74%7.64%6.91%4.56%
SR50 Capital Stable (20-40) Index-0.01%1.19%5.28%5.28%4.78%5.80%5.71%4.63%
SR25 Secure (0-19) Index0.09%0.57%2.08%2.08%2.43%3.00%3.44%3.64%
SR50 Australian Shares Index0.44%-0.64%13.37%13.37%6.83%11.41%8.61%4.18%
SR50 International Shares Index-1.63%4.19%16.57%16.57%10.69%15.12%11.05%4.04%
SR25 Property Index0.61%1.91%7.61%7.61%9.85%10.04%9.56%3.42%
SR25 Diversified Fixed Interest Index-0.18%0.97%1.77%1.77%3.55%4.17%5.07%5.42%
SR50 Cash Index0.14%0.41%1.72%1.72%1.95%2.27%2.80%3.29%

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.




Date 19/07/2017

Australians in mainstream superannuation funds are set for a windfall as SuperRatings exclusively reveals that the average fund return for last financial year topped 10.4%.

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