Top 10 Returns

Which funds' have had the best returns?

By comparing fund with fund, we are able to see the funds that perform best in the key area of investment returns.

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Top 10 Returns as at 31 July 2014
Rank Fund Investment Option Return Return Period
1 HOSTPLUS - Indexed Balanced 12.39% 3 year
2 Perpetual WealthFocus - Perpetual Balanced Growth Fund 11.88% 3 year
3 Telstra Super Corp Plus - Balanced 11.69% 3 year
4 Rio Tinto Emp - Growth 11.68% 3 year
5 REST - Core Strategy 11.64% 3 year
6 Acumen - Core Strategy 11.64% 3 year
7 Aon MT - Balanced Growth - Index 11.63% 3 year
8 First Super - Growth 11.61% 3 year
9 Quadrant Investment Choice - Balanced 11.55% 3 year
10 UniSuper Accum (1) - Balanced 11.53% 3 year

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.





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