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Sustained volatility fails to dent long-term super returns

…SuperRatings research process relies upon the participation of the superannuation fund or product issuer(s). Should the superannuation fund or product issuer(s) no longer be an active participant in SuperRatings research

Super delivers through market ups and downs

Australian super funds are staging a comeback after being beaten down through the first quarter of 2018. According to superannuation research house SuperRatings, April data shows the median balanced option…

Forget volatility, super members are in a winning market

…a relatively short period of underperformance. These are the latest findings from superannuation research house SuperRatings, which has reported a return of -0.3% in February for members in a balanced…

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Super funds defy global chaos, remain on track for double-digit returns

…returns for the 2018 financial year. According to superannuation research house SuperRatings, May return data shows super funds struggled through the month as global events, including an ‘on-again, off-again’ trade…

Don’t panic! What superannuation is teaching the post-GFC world

…a long-term view. According to data from leading superannuation research house SuperRatings, members with a balance of $100,000 at the end of August 2008, just days before the Global Financial…