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Superior market intelligence

We have designed a range of products to help lead the market in accurate, expansive and objective data from within the superannuation industry.

Our information is accessible from your computer or tablet, updated in real time, and enables users to extract and compile the data when required.

Access some of the most comprehensive super product data available

Compare all aspects of your fund’s offering against the market

Demonstrate your super product’s advantage with dynamic member engagement tools

A passion for superannuation

SuperRatings’ research, analysis and reports are of the highest quality , and their tools and comparators are user-friendly and comprehensive .

- Shane Mather - Sunsuper

Research Solutions


Industry leading data and research tool covering 600+ superannuation products

Learn more about SMART Tool

Fund Crediting Rate Survey

The survey of choice for superannuation funds and executive boards looking to benchmark performance

Learn more about the Fund Crediting Rate Survey

Asset Allocation Tool

Comprehensive allocation data covering 400+ products and 6,000+ investment options

Learn more about Asset Allocation


Current and historical breakdown of fund market share across the super industry

Learn more about Statistics

Benchmark Reports

In-depth assessment of your fund’s market position, including unparalleled identification of new opportunities, trends and threats

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RateMySuper & RateMyPension

Showcase your products to target client segments with our super and pension product comparators

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