Top 10 Fees

Which funds' have the lowest fees … you might be surprised.

The table below shows the lowest average fees payable of a $50,000 account balance for public offer funds.

Top Ten Lowest Fees as at 31 March 2015
Fees based on 50K Balance FUND NAME
$300 ANZ Smart Choice Super
$313 Bendigo SmartStart Super
$330 Energy Industries Superannuation Scheme Super
$337 First State Super
$373 AustralianSuper
$374 Club Plus Superannuation
$375 ING DIRECT Living Super
$375 RetireRight Super
$375 Sunsuper for Life
$385 RetireSelect Super




Greek Debt Crisis Hits Aussie Super Funds

June 30th 2015

Super funds will finish the financial year with a strong result despite a last minute fall on domestic and international share markets. Based on index returns to 30 June 2015, Balanced funds are set to close the year up a strong 9 per cent, the sixth consecutive year of positive returns for super fund members.

Superannuation On Bumpy Year-End Ride

June 17th 2015

Rising investment markets have helped produce a strong return for super fund members with the median Balanced Option providing a 1.0 per cent gain during the month of May.