Top 10 Fees

Which funds' have the lowest fees … you might be surprised.

The table below shows the lowest average fees payable of a $50,000 account balance for public offer funds.

Top Ten Lowest Fees as at 31 December 2013
FUND NAME Fees based on 50K Balance
ANZ Smart Choice Super $300
Bendigo SmartStart Super $313
First State Super $332
Energy Industries Superannuation Scheme Super $335
Club Plus Superannuation $344
StatewideSuper $368
ING DIRECT Living Super $375
RetireRight Super $375
AMIST Super $388
Sunsuper for Life - Super-savings Account $400
Asgard Infinity eWRAP Super Account $400




Why Some Funds Continue To Outperform

April 2nd 2014

As super funds continued their march towards a second successive double digit return for this financial year, there remains the question of what makes some funds continue to outperform their peers over just about all time periods.