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RankFund Investment OptionReturnReturn PeriodWebsitePeriod endOption TypeReturn PeriodFund ID
1CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Australian Share22.41%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Australian SharesFYTD235
2Aust Ethical Pers - Australian Shares10.58%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Australian SharesFYTD352
3IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Australian Shares Trust9.08%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Australian SharesFYTD250
4Commonwealth Bank Group Super - Australian Shares6.60%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Australian SharesFYTD364
5Intrust Core Super - Australian Shares5.96%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Australian SharesFYTD249
6Hostplus - Australian Shares5.67%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Australian SharesFYTD343
7Energy Super - Australian Shares5.59%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Australian SharesFYTD238
8HESTA - Australian Shares5.46%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Australian SharesFYTD260
9LGIAsuper Accum - Australian Shares5.44%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Australian SharesFYTD311
10Equip MyFuture - Australian Shares5.29%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Australian SharesFYTD242
1IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Australian Shares Trust33.31%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Australian Shares1 year250
2Aust Ethical Pers - Australian Shares26.09%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Australian Shares1 year352
3LGIAsuper Accum - Australian Shares25.38%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Australian Shares1 year311
4UniSuper Accum (1) - Australian Shares25.31%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Australian Shares1 year279
5Vision SS - Australian Equities23.95%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Australian Shares1 year281
6MLC MKey - MLC Australian Share Fund23.93%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Australian Shares1 year634
7Colonial FS RO - Australian Share Option23.93%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Australian Shares1 year392
8Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Australian Shares23.39%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Australian Shares1 year363
9Catholic Super - Australian Shares23.31%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Australian Shares1 year237
10Commonwealth Bank Group Super - Australian Shares23.26%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Australian Shares1 year364
1IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Australian Shares Trust12.81%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Australian Shares3 year250
2UniSuper Accum (1) - Australian Shares12.39%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Australian Shares3 year279
3Colonial FS RO - Australian Share Option11.49%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Australian Shares3 year392
4Aust Ethical Pers - Australian Shares11.23%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Australian Shares3 year352
5MLC MKey - MLC Australian Share Fund11.04%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Australian Shares3 year634
6StatewideSuper - Australian Shares10.91%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Australian Shares3 year306
7AustralianSuper - Australian Shares10.89%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Australian Shares3 year349
8MTAA Super - Australian Shares10.78%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Australian Shares3 year271
9Media Super - Australian Shares10.73%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Australian Shares3 year270
10Rest - Australian Shares10.73%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Australian Shares3 year222
1Aust Ethical Pers - Australian Shares12.27%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Australian Shares5 year352
2Catholic Super - Australian Shares10.57%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Australian Shares5 year237
3StatewideSuper - Australian Shares10.42%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Australian Shares5 year306
4IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Australian Shares Trust10.37%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Australian Shares5 year250
5Hostplus - Australian Shares10.11%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Australian Shares5 year343
6MLC MKey - MLC Australian Share Fund10.10%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Australian Shares5 year634
7Intrust Core Super - Australian Shares10.04%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Australian Shares5 year249
8AustralianSuper - Australian Shares9.84%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Australian Shares5 year349
9legalsuper - Australian Shares9.79%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Australian Shares5 year320
10Rest - Australian Shares9.64%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Australian Shares5 year222
1Mercy Super - MySuper Balanced5.84%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD414
2BUSSQ Premium Choice - Balanced Growth5.83%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD224
3LGIAsuper Accum - Diversified Growth5.35%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD311
4Cbus - Growth (Cbus MySuper)5.12%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD245
5First State Super - Growth5.02%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD259
6IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Balanced Growth Trust4.88%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD250
7HESTA - Core Pool4.85%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD260
8Maritime Stevedores AccumPlus - Balanced4.83%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD283
9AustralianSuper - Balanced4.76%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD349
10Catholic Super - Balanced (MySuper)4.73%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD237
1UniSuper Accum (1) - Balanced18.43%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year279
2AustralianSuper - Balanced17.03%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year349
3Aust Ethical Pers - Balanced16.76%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year352
4smartMonday PRIME - Balanced Growth - Active16.44%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year226
5SD Bus - Multi-manager Balanced16.32%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year437
6Mercy Super - MySuper Balanced16.28%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year414
7IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Balanced Growth Trust15.90%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year250
8LGIAsuper Accum - Diversified Growth15.88%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year311
9First State Super - Growth15.83%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year259
10Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Growth15.59%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year267
1AustralianSuper - Balanced10.40%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year349
2UniSuper Accum (1) - Balanced10.18%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year279
3Hostplus - Balanced10.18%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year343
4Mercy Super - MySuper Balanced9.84%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year414
5First State Super - Growth9.68%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year259
6Sunsuper for Life - Balanced9.65%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year276
7Cbus - Growth (Cbus MySuper)9.53%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year245
8Media Super - Balanced9.43%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year270
9VicSuper FutureSaver - Growth (MySuper) Option9.19%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year286
10Vision SS - Balanced Growth9.13%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year281
1Hostplus - Balanced9.51%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year343
2AustralianSuper - Balanced9.41%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year349
3Mercy Super - MySuper Balanced9.32%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year414
4Cbus - Growth (Cbus MySuper)9.15%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year245
5UniSuper Accum (1) - Balanced9.06%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year279
6Sunsuper for Life - Balanced9.02%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year276
7MTAA Super - My AutoSuper8.73%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year271
8CareSuper - Balanced8.59%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year347
9Media Super - Balanced8.59%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year270
10HESTA - Core Pool8.40%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year260
1CSC PSSap - Income Focused3.48%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD336
2QANTAS Super Gateway - Conservative3.26%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD274
3BUSSQ Premium Choice - Defensive3.25%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD224
4HESTA - Conservative Pool3.00%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD260
5Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Conservative2.90%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD363
6Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Conservative Growth2.82%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD267
7TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Conservative2.82%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD282
8Catholic Super - Conservative2.69%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD237
9Sunsuper for Life - Conservative2.67%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD276
10Maritime Stevedores AccumPlus - Conservative2.65%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD283
1ASGARD Emp Super - SMA Defensive10.34%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year340
2smartMonday PRIME - Moderate - Active9.62%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year226
3AustralianSuper - Stable9.50%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year349
4Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Conservative9.25%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year363
5Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Conservative Growth9.21%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year267
6TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Conservative9.13%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year282
7HESTA - Conservative Pool9.11%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year260
8CSC PSSap - Income Focused9.09%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year336
9OnePath OA Frontier - OptiMix Conservative9.01%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year357
10Sunsuper for Life - Conservative9.01%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year276
1HESTA - Conservative Pool6.55%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year260
2CSC PSSap - Income Focused6.51%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year336
3AustralianSuper - Stable6.48%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year349
4NGS Super - Defensive6.42%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year269
5Sunsuper for Life - Conservative6.03%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year276
6Vision SS - Conservative5.90%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year281
7Media Super - Stable5.85%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year270
8Cbus - Conservative5.82%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year245
9TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Conservative5.80%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year282
10Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Conservative5.76%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year363
1HESTA - Conservative Pool6.27%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year260
2AustralianSuper - Stable6.20%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year349
3CSC PSSap - Income Focused6.20%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year336
4NGS Super - Defensive5.87%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year269
5Sunsuper for Life - Conservative5.79%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year276
6TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Conservative5.69%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year282
7BUSSQ Premium Choice - Defensive5.61%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year224
8Cbus - Conservative5.51%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year245
9StatewideSuper - Conservative5.50%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year306
10Vision SS - Conservative5.48%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year281
1CFS-FC Wsale Pers - CFS Wsale Strategic Cash1.34%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019CashFYTD235
2legalsuper - Cash0.98%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019CashFYTD320
3Intrust Core Super - Cash0.92%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019CashFYTD249
4NGS Super - Cash & Term Deposits0.82%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019CashFYTD269
5Sunsuper for Life - Cash0.81%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019CashFYTD276
6Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Cash0.78%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019CashFYTD267
7LUCRF Super - Cash0.74%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019CashFYTD253
8Rest - Cash0.73%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019CashFYTD222
9QANTAS Super Gateway - Cash0.70%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019CashFYTD274
10Local Government Super Accum - Managed Cash0.68%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019CashFYTD345
1Intrust Core Super - Cash1.93%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Cash1 year249
2Sunsuper for Life - Cash1.82%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Cash1 year276
3NGS Super - Cash & Term Deposits1.82%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Cash1 year269
4legalsuper - Cash1.78%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Cash1 year320
5Christian Super - Ethical Cash1.77%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Cash1 year298
6Rest - Cash1.74%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Cash1 year222
7LUCRF Super - Cash1.73%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Cash1 year253
8First State Super - Cash1.71%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Cash1 year259
9Local Government Super Accum - Managed Cash1.68%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Cash1 year345
10Media Super - Cash1.68%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Cash1 year270
1Intrust Core Super - Cash1.99%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Cash3 year249
2Sunsuper for Life - Cash1.93%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Cash3 year276
3NGS Super - Cash & Term Deposits1.88%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Cash3 year269
4First State Super - Cash1.87%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Cash3 year259
5Catholic Super - Cash1.86%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Cash3 year237
6Club Plus Super - Cash1.84%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Cash3 year302
7Rest - Cash1.82%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Cash3 year222
8AustralianSuper - Cash1.82%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Cash3 year349
9LUCRF Super - Cash1.82%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Cash3 year253
10Vision SS - Cash1.81%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Cash3 year281
1Club Plus Super - Cash2.24%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Cash5 year302
2Intrust Core Super - Cash2.13%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Cash5 year249
3Catholic Super - Cash2.11%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Cash5 year237
4Sunsuper for Life - Cash2.06%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Cash5 year276
5NGS Super - Cash & Term Deposits2.02%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Cash5 year269
6Vision SS - Cash1.98%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Cash5 year281
7AustralianSuper - Cash1.96%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Cash5 year349
8Tasplan - Cash1.96%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Cash5 year289
9First State Super - Cash1.93%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Cash5 year259
10Rest - Cash1.93%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Cash5 year222
1LGIAsuper Accum - Balanced4.00%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD311
2Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Moderate Growth3.87%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD267
3Vision SS - Balanced3.84%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD281
4First State Super - Balanced Growth3.78%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD259
5QANTAS Super Gateway - Balanced3.71%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD274
6ASGARD Emp Super - SMA Moderate3.64%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD340
7Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Conservative Balanced3.62%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD363
8AustralianSuper - Conservative Balanced3.62%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD349
9TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Defensive Growth3.54%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD282
10Sunsuper for Life - Retirement3.52%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD276
1ASGARD Emp Super - SMA Moderate14.10%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year340
2AustralianSuper - Conservative Balanced13.16%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year349
3Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Moderate Growth12.89%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year267
4TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Defensive Growth12.74%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year282
5Vision SS - Balanced12.51%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year281
6First State Super - Balanced Growth12.48%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year259
7LGIAsuper Accum - Balanced12.47%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year311
8OnePath OA Frontier - OptiMix Moderate12.23%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year357
9Sunsuper for Life - Retirement12.11%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year276
10Colonial FS RO - Balanced Option11.71%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year392
1AustralianSuper - Conservative Balanced8.18%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year349
2Vision SS - Balanced8.14%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year281
3First State Super - Balanced Growth8.06%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year259
4Sunsuper for Life - Retirement7.76%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year276
5TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Defensive Growth7.75%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year282
6LGIAsuper Accum - Balanced7.53%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year311
7ASGARD Emp Super - SMA Moderate7.43%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year340
8NGS Super - Balanced7.33%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year269
9Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Moderate Growth7.12%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year267
10QANTAS Super Gateway - Balanced7.10%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year274
1AustralianSuper - Conservative Balanced7.63%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year349
2TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Defensive Growth7.46%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year282
3Vision SS - Balanced7.45%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year281
4Sunsuper for Life - Retirement7.16%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year276
5First State Super - Balanced Growth7.02%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year259
6UniSuper Accum (1) - Conservative Balanced6.77%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year279
7NGS Super - Balanced6.68%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year269
8LGIAsuper Accum - Balanced6.61%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year311
9Local Government Super Accum - Balanced6.40%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year345
10Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Moderate Growth6.35%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year267
1StatewideSuper - Diversified Bonds1.75%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD306
2Catholic Super - Diversified Fixed Interest1.68%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD237
3Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Fixed Interest1.39%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD267
4CareSuper - Fixed Interest1.32%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD347
5Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Bonds1.31%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD363
6Hostplus - Diversified Fixed Interest1.30%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD343
7TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Fixed Interest1.24%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD282
8AustralianSuper - Diversified Fixed Interest1.23%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD349
9IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Diversified Fixed Interest Trust1.22%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD250
10NGS Super - Diversified Bonds1.13%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD269
1Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Bonds7.96%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year363
2StatewideSuper - Diversified Bonds7.16%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year306
3Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Fixed Interest7.16%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year267
4CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Fixed Interest7.04%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year235
5Mine Super - Bonds6.68%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year342
6Sunsuper for Life - Diversified Bonds6.53%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year276
7IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Diversified Fixed Interest Trust6.01%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year250
8HESTA - Global Bonds5.94%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year260
9QSuper - Diversified Bonds5.93%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year251
10smartMonday PRIME - Fixed Interest - Diversified5.55%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year226
1Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Bonds5.10%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year363
2Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Fixed Interest4.52%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year267
3Mine Super - Bonds4.50%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year342
4StatewideSuper - Diversified Bonds4.40%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year306
5Catholic Super - Diversified Fixed Interest4.40%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year237
6HESTA - Global Bonds4.29%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year260
7Hostplus - Diversified Fixed Interest4.19%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year343
8CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Fixed Interest4.09%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year235
9Sunsuper for Life - Diversified Bonds4.06%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year276
10TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Fixed Interest3.79%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year282
1Hostplus - Diversified Fixed Interest4.96%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year343
2Catholic Super - Diversified Fixed Interest4.04%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year237
3Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Bonds4.00%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year363
4HESTA - Global Bonds3.86%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year260
5AustralianSuper - Diversified Fixed Interest3.82%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year349
6Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Fixed Interest3.75%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year267
7StatewideSuper - Diversified Bonds3.73%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year306
8Sunsuper for Life - Diversified Bonds3.60%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year276
9CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Fixed Interest3.50%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year235
10Mine Super - Bonds3.50%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year342
1BUSSQ Premium Choice - High Growth7.00%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD224
2Tasplan - Growth6.68%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD289
3Hostplus - Shares Plus6.41%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD343
4LGIAsuper Accum - Aggressive6.37%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD311
5UniSuper Accum (1) - Growth6.24%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD279
6Maritime Stevedores AccumPlus - Growth6.12%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD283
7IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Growth Trust5.96%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD250
8Local Government Super Accum - High Growth5.73%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD345
9AustralianSuper - High Growth5.65%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD349
10BT Super for Life - 1970s Lifestage Fund5.64%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD371
1UniSuper Accum (1) - Growth21.30%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)1 year279
2ASGARD Emp Super - SMA Growth20.23%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)1 year340
3Tasplan - Growth20.21%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)1 year289
4BT Super for Life - 1970s Lifestage Fund20.16%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)1 year371
5AMP FS Choice - Super Easy Growth20.00%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)1 year532
6AustralianSuper - High Growth19.83%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)1 year349
7IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Growth Trust19.83%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)1 year250
8LGIAsuper Accum - Aggressive19.31%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)1 year311
9smartMonday PRIME - Growth - Active19.28%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)1 year226
10SD Bus - Multi-manager Growth19.01%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)1 year437
1Hostplus - Shares Plus11.61%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)3 year343
2UniSuper Accum (1) - Growth11.30%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)3 year279
3AustralianSuper - High Growth11.26%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)3 year349
4Sunsuper for Life - Growth10.79%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)3 year276
5LGIAsuper Accum - Aggressive10.66%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)3 year311
6Vision SS - Growth10.47%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)3 year281
7HESTA - Shares Plus10.41%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)3 year260
8Tasplan - Growth10.31%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)3 year289
9MTAA Super - Growth10.27%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)3 year271
10Media Super - Growth10.25%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)3 year270
1Hostplus - Shares Plus10.34%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)5 year343
2AustralianSuper - High Growth10.07%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)5 year349
3Sunsuper for Life - Growth9.98%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)5 year276
4UniSuper Accum (1) - Growth9.81%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)5 year279
5MTAA Super - Growth9.62%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)5 year271
6Vision SS - Growth9.44%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)5 year281
7HESTA - Shares Plus9.38%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)5 year260
8BUSSQ Premium Choice - High Growth9.31%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)5 year224
9Media Super - Growth9.26%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)5 year270
10LGIAsuper Accum - Aggressive9.26%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Growth (77-90)5 year311
1UniSuper Accum (1) - High Growth6.73%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD279
2Equip MyFuture - Growth Plus6.52%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD242
3Cbus - High Growth6.50%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD245
4VicSuper FutureSaver - Equity Growth Option6.41%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD286
5Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Diversified Shares6.27%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD267
6First State Super - High Growth5.98%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD259
7Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Shares5.88%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD363
8CFS FC Emp - FirstChoice High Growth5.81%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD235
9Mine Super - Aggressive5.78%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD342
10SD Bus - Multi-manager High Growth5.77%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD437
1UniSuper Accum (1) - High Growth24.28%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year279
2Sunsuper for Life - Shares23.45%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year276
3Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Diversified Shares22.76%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year267
4Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Shares22.50%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year363
5Asgard SMAF - SMA High Growth22.47%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year340
6VicSuper FutureSaver - Equity Growth Option21.35%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year286
7SD Bus - Multi-manager High Growth21.11%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year437
8OnePath OA Frontier - OptiMix High Growth21.02%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year357
9CFS FC Emp - FirstChoice High Growth20.39%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year235
10MLC MKey - Horizon 6 - Share Portfolio20.33%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year634
1UniSuper Accum (1) - High Growth12.66%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year279
2Equip MyFuture - Growth Plus11.91%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year242
3Sunsuper for Life - Shares11.64%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year276
4Cbus - High Growth11.17%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year245
5VicSuper FutureSaver - Equity Growth Option11.16%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year286
6First State Super - High Growth11.16%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year259
7Asgard SMAF - SMA High Growth11.08%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year340
8Intrust Core Super - Growth11.00%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year249
9MLC MKey - Horizon 6 - Share Portfolio10.95%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year634
10NGS Super - Shares Plus10.83%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year269
1UniSuper Accum (1) - High Growth11.00%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year279
2Cbus - High Growth10.43%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year245
3Equip MyFuture - Growth Plus10.04%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year242
4Sunsuper for Life - Shares9.97%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year276
5MLC MKey - Horizon 6 - Share Portfolio9.73%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year634
6Intrust Core Super - Growth9.72%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year249
7NGS Super - Shares Plus9.69%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year269
8VicSuper FutureSaver - Equity Growth Option9.59%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year286
9First State Super - High Growth9.57%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year259
10Plum - Pre-mixed Aggressive9.42%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year634
1UniSuper Accum (1) - International Shares9.33%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019International SharesFYTD279
2Plum - International Shares - Index9.14%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019International SharesFYTD634
3LGIAsuper Accum - International Shares8.95%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019International SharesFYTD311
4legalsuper - Overseas Shares8.93%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019International SharesFYTD320
5Equip MyFuture - Overseas Shares8.84%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019International SharesFYTD242
6HESTA - International Shares8.82%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019International SharesFYTD260
7Hostplus - International Shares8.74%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019International SharesFYTD343
8Mercer Super Trust - Mercer International Shares8.62%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019International SharesFYTD267
9Plum - International Shares8.52%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019International SharesFYTD634
10QSuper - International Shares8.40%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019International SharesFYTD251
1UniSuper Accum (1) - International Shares28.05%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019International Shares1 year279
2Plum - International Shares - Index26.64%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019International Shares1 year634
3AustralianSuper - International Shares26.64%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019International Shares1 year349
4First State Super - International Equities26.06%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019International Shares1 year259
5Mercer Super Trust - Mercer International Shares25.81%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019International Shares1 year267
6Zurich Super - Zurich Global Thematic Share CF25.60%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019International Shares1 year353
7LGIAsuper Accum - International Shares25.52%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019International Shares1 year311
8LUCRF Super - International Shares25.20%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019International Shares1 year253
9ING Super - International Shares25.14%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019International Shares1 year461
10Aust Ethical Pers - International Shares24.90%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019International Shares1 year352
1OnePath Integra - OnePath Global Shares15.60%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019International Shares3 year357
2Hostplus - International Shares14.81%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019International Shares3 year343
3Equip MyFuture - Overseas Shares14.52%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019International Shares3 year242
4AustralianSuper - International Shares13.90%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019International Shares3 year349
5Intrust Core Super - International Shares13.71%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019International Shares3 year249
6Commonwealth Bank Group Super - International Shares13.57%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019International Shares3 year364
7First State Super - International Equities13.26%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019International Shares3 year259
8Plum - International Shares13.23%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019International Shares3 year634
9UniSuper Accum (1) - International Shares13.05%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019International Shares3 year279
10Zurich Super - Zurich Global Thematic Share CF12.99%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019International Shares3 year353
1OnePath Integra - OnePath Global Shares13.03%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019International Shares5 year357
2UniSuper Accum (1) - International Shares11.69%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019International Shares5 year279
3Mercer Super Trust - Mercer International Shares11.46%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019International Shares5 year267
4AustralianSuper - International Shares11.44%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019International Shares5 year349
5Plum - International Shares - Index11.37%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019International Shares5 year634
6Commonwealth Bank Group Super - International Shares11.29%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019International Shares5 year364
7Russell iQ Super Emp - Global Opportunities11.26%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019International Shares5 year310
8Vision SS - International Equities11.22%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019International Shares5 year281
9MLC MKey - MLC Global Share Fund11.18%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019International Shares5 year634
10ING Super - International Shares11.13%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019International Shares5 year461
1First State Super - Property7.59%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019PropertyFYTD259
2AMP FLS - Specialist Property & Infrastructure4.74%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019PropertyFYTD297
3Sunsuper for Life - Property4.67%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019PropertyFYTD276
4Rest - Property4.46%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019PropertyFYTD222
5TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Property4.24%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019PropertyFYTD282
6Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Property4.13%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019PropertyFYTD267
7OnePath Integra - OnePath Property Securities3.78%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019PropertyFYTD357
8Catholic Super - Property3.72%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019PropertyFYTD237
9CareSuper - Direct Property3.52%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019PropertyFYTD347
10Media Super - Property3.22%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019PropertyFYTD270
1AMP FLS - Specialist Property & Infrastructure22.42%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Property1 year297
2BT Lifetime Super Emp - BT Property Securities19.47%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Property1 year220
3First State Super - Property19.11%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Property1 year259
4Plum - Diversified Property Securities18.63%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Property1 year634
5Mine Super - Property18.53%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Property1 year342
6smartMonday PRIME - Property - Diversified17.81%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Property1 year226
7MLC MKey - MLC Property Securities Fund17.77%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Property1 year634
8LUCRF Super - Property17.33%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Property1 year253
9BT Bus Super - Westpac Australian Property Securities16.67%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Property1 year646
10Colonial FS RO - Property Securities Option14.57%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Property1 year392
1Intrust Core Super - Property10.77%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Property3 year249
2First State Super - Property10.77%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Property3 year259
3Rest - Property10.58%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Property3 year222
4CareSuper - Direct Property10.45%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Property3 year347
5TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Property9.98%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Property3 year282
6Mine Super - Property9.64%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Property3 year342
7Hostplus - Property9.06%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Property3 year343
8Catholic Super - Property9.02%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Property3 year237
9Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Property8.84%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Property3 year267
10Plum - Diversified Property Securities8.59%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Property3 year634
1CareSuper - Direct Property11.17%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Property5 year347
2TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Property11.13%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Property5 year282
3First State Super - Property10.55%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Property5 year259
4Rest - Property10.30%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Property5 year222
5MLC MKey - MLC Property Securities Fund10.21%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Property5 year634
6Intrust Core Super - Property10.14%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Property5 year249
7LUCRF Super - Property10.08%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Property5 year253
8Catholic Super - Property9.72%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Property5 year237
9Plum - Diversified Property Securities9.45%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Property5 year634
10BT Lifetime Super Emp - BT Property Securities9.43%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Property5 year220
1Super SA Triple S - Capital Defensive2.23%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD329
2Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Capital Stable1.88%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD363
3smartMonday PRIME - Defensive - Active1.68%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD226
4smartMonday PRIME - Defensive - Index1.31%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD226
5legalsuper - Enhanced Cash1.17%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD320
6CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Defensive1.13%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD235
7ESSSuper Accum - Defensive1.09%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD319
8IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF Capital Secure Trust1.06%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD250
9Perpetual WealthFocus - Perpetual Diversified Income Fund1.01%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD350
10Sunsuper for Life - Capital Guaranteed0.97%FYTDMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD276
1Super SA Triple S - Capital Defensive7.92%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)1 year329
2Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Capital Stable6.20%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)1 year363
3ANZ OneAnswer Pers - OnePath Income NCF5.53%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)1 year357
4CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Defensive5.34%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)1 year235
5max Personal - Income4.79%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)1 year341
6smartMonday PRIME - Defensive - Index4.77%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)1 year226
7CFS FC Emp - FirstChoice Defensive4.76%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)1 year235
8smartMonday PRIME - Defensive - Active4.68%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)1 year226
9IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF Capital Secure Trust4.06%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)1 year250
10Perpetual WealthFocus - Perpetual Dynamic Fixed Income Fund4.00%1 yearMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)1 year350
1Super SA Triple S - Capital Defensive5.13%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)3 year329
2Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Capital Stable4.26%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)3 year363
3CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Defensive3.24%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)3 year235
4max Personal - Income3.12%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)3 year341
5ESSSuper Accum - Defensive3.11%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)3 year319
6smartMonday PRIME - Defensive - Active2.82%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)3 year226
7smartMonday PRIME - Defensive - Index2.75%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)3 year226
8Sunsuper for Life - Capital Guaranteed2.69%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)3 year276
9IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF Capital Secure Trust2.68%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)3 year250
10CFS FC Emp - FirstChoice Defensive2.63%3 yearMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)3 year235
1Super SA Triple S - Capital Defensive4.70%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)5 year329
2Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Capital Stable3.72%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)5 year363
3ESSSuper Accum - Defensive3.00%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)5 year319
4CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Defensive2.99%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)5 year235
5Sunsuper for Life - Capital Guaranteed2.96%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)5 year276
6smartMonday PRIME - Defensive - Active2.62%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)5 year226
7smartMonday PRIME - Defensive - Index2.51%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)5 year226
8max Personal - Income2.47%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)5 year341
9CFS FC Emp - FirstChoice Defensive2.39%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)5 year235
10IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF Capital Secure Trust2.39%5 yearMore Info31/12/2019Secure (0-19)5 year250
1IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Australian Shares Trust10.81%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Australian SharesFYTD250
2Aust Ethical Pers - Australian Shares10.36%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Australian SharesFYTD352
3Commonwealth Bank Group Super - Australian Shares8.22%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Australian SharesFYTD364
4HESTA - Australian Shares7.43%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Australian SharesFYTD260
5Intrust Core Super - Australian Shares7.30%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Australian SharesFYTD249
6smartMonday PRIME - Australian Shares - Diversified7.29%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Australian SharesFYTD226
7LUCRF Super - Australian Shares7.15%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Australian SharesFYTD253
8Energy Super - Australian Shares7.03%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Australian SharesFYTD238
9Hostplus - Australian Shares6.83%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Australian SharesFYTD343
10legalsuper - Australian Shares6.81%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Australian SharesFYTD320
1IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Australian Shares Trust32.71%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Australian Shares1 year250
2UniSuper Accum (1) - Australian Shares27.11%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Australian Shares1 year279
3MLC MKey - MLC Australian Share Fund24.91%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Australian Shares1 year634
4AustralianSuper - Australian Shares24.81%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Australian Shares1 year349
5Vision SS - Australian Equities24.74%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Australian Shares1 year281
6Colonial FS RO - Australian Share Option24.72%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Australian Shares1 year392
7First State Super - Australian Equities24.47%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Australian Shares1 year259
8OnePath OA Frontier - OnePath Australian Shares24.44%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Australian Shares1 year357
9HESTA - Australian Shares24.28%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Australian Shares1 year260
10Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Australian Shares24.18%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Australian Shares1 year267
1IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Australian Shares Trust14.68%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Australian Shares3 year250
2UniSuper Accum (1) - Australian Shares13.71%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Australian Shares3 year279
3StatewideSuper - Australian Shares12.96%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Australian Shares3 year306
4AustralianSuper - Australian Shares12.91%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Australian Shares3 year349
5MLC MKey - MLC Australian Share Fund12.90%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Australian Shares3 year634
6Rest - Australian Shares12.71%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Australian Shares3 year222
7MTAA Super - Australian Shares12.69%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Australian Shares3 year271
8Colonial FS RO - Australian Share Option12.65%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Australian Shares3 year392
9Catholic Super - Australian Shares12.51%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Australian Shares3 year237
10Aust Ethical Pers - Australian Shares12.50%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Australian Shares3 year352
1Aust Ethical Pers - Australian Shares12.26%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Australian Shares5 year352
2Catholic Super - Australian Shares11.43%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Australian Shares5 year237
3StatewideSuper - Australian Shares11.23%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Australian Shares5 year306
4IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Australian Shares Trust11.06%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Australian Shares5 year250
5Intrust Core Super - Australian Shares10.83%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Australian Shares5 year249
6MLC MKey - MLC Australian Share Fund10.79%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Australian Shares5 year634
7Hostplus - Australian Shares10.77%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Australian Shares5 year343
8AustralianSuper - Australian Shares10.58%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Australian Shares5 year349
9legalsuper - Australian Shares10.53%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Australian Shares5 year320
10Rest - Australian Shares10.51%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Australian Shares5 year222
1smartMonday PRIME - Balanced Growth - Active5.55%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD226
2Aust Ethical Pers - Balanced5.47%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD352
3IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Balanced Growth Trust5.47%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD250
4Mercy Super - MySuper Balanced5.26%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD414
5First State Super - Growth5.25%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD259
6Catholic Super - Balanced (MySuper)5.08%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD237
7Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Growth5.07%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD267
8LGIAsuper Accum - Diversified Growth5.04%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD311
9BUSSQ Premium Choice - Balanced Growth4.94%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD224
10Maritime Stevedores AccumPlus - Balanced4.93%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD283
1UniSuper Accum (1) - Balanced18.66%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year279
2Aust Ethical Pers - Balanced16.85%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year352
3smartMonday PRIME - Balanced Growth - Active15.68%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year226
4IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Balanced Growth Trust15.66%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year250
5AustralianSuper - Balanced15.46%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year349
6Mercy Super - MySuper Balanced15.15%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year414
7First State Super - Growth14.54%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year259
8Sunsuper for Life - Balanced14.49%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year276
9Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Growth14.41%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year267
10MLC MKey - Horizon 4 - Balanced Portfolio14.26%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year634
1AustralianSuper - Balanced11.13%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year349
2UniSuper Accum (1) - Balanced11.12%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year279
3Hostplus - Balanced10.63%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year343
4Sunsuper for Life - Balanced10.54%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year276
5Mercy Super - MySuper Balanced10.52%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year414
6First State Super - Growth10.45%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year259
7Media Super - Balanced10.26%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year270
8Cbus - Growth (Cbus MySuper)10.08%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year245
9Vision SS - Balanced Growth10.02%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year281
10Aust Ethical Pers - Balanced9.98%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year352
1Hostplus - Balanced9.65%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year343
2AustralianSuper - Balanced9.61%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year349
3UniSuper Accum (1) - Balanced9.48%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year279
4Cbus - Growth (Cbus MySuper)9.23%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year245
5Sunsuper for Life - Balanced9.21%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year276
6Mercy Super - MySuper Balanced9.18%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year414
7MTAA Super - My AutoSuper9.10%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year271
8CareSuper - Balanced8.73%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year347
9Media Super - Balanced8.73%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year270
10Catholic Super - Balanced (MySuper)8.68%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year237
1QANTAS Super Gateway - Conservative3.48%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD274
2Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Conservative Growth3.32%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD267
3smartMonday PRIME - Moderate - Active3.06%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD226
4ASGARD Emp Super - SMA Defensive2.92%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD340
5Catholic Super - Conservative2.84%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD237
6HESTA - Conservative Pool2.81%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD260
7AustralianSuper - Stable2.78%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD349
8Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Conservative2.77%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD363
9TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Conservative2.77%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD282
10Maritime Stevedores AccumPlus - Conservative2.76%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD283
1ASGARD Emp Super - SMA Defensive10.41%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year340
2smartMonday PRIME - Moderate - Active9.82%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year226
3AustralianSuper - Stable9.62%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year349
4Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Conservative Growth9.56%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year267
5HESTA - Conservative Pool9.54%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year260
6CFS FC Emp - CFS Conservative9.44%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year235
7Sunsuper for Life - Conservative9.14%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year276
8OnePath OA Frontier - OptiMix Conservative9.09%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year357
9QANTAS Super Gateway - Conservative9.07%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year274
10CSC PSSap - Income Focused9.04%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year336
1HESTA - Conservative Pool6.97%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year260
2AustralianSuper - Stable6.89%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year349
3NGS Super - Defensive6.82%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year269
4CSC PSSap - Income Focused6.52%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year336
5Sunsuper for Life - Conservative6.51%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year276
6Vision SS - Conservative6.41%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year281
7TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Conservative6.34%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year282
8Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Conservative Growth6.21%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year267
9Media Super - Stable6.19%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year270
10Cbus - Conservative6.16%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year245
1HESTA - Conservative Pool6.37%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year260
2AustralianSuper - Stable6.36%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year349
3CSC PSSap - Income Focused6.14%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year336
4NGS Super - Defensive6.12%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year269
5Sunsuper for Life - Conservative5.91%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year276
6TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Conservative5.88%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year282
7Vision SS - Conservative5.72%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year281
8Cbus - Conservative5.68%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year245
9Catholic Super - Conservative5.66%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year237
10StatewideSuper - Conservative5.62%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year306
1legalsuper - Cash0.94%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019CashFYTD320
2Intrust Core Super - Cash0.79%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019CashFYTD249
3NGS Super - Cash & Term Deposits0.70%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019CashFYTD269
4Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Cash0.70%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019CashFYTD267
5Sunsuper for Life - Cash0.69%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019CashFYTD276
6LUCRF Super - Cash0.63%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019CashFYTD253
7Rest - Cash0.61%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019CashFYTD222
8Catholic Super - Cash0.60%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019CashFYTD237
9QANTAS Super Gateway - Cash0.59%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019CashFYTD274
10Media Super - Cash0.58%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019CashFYTD270
1Intrust Core Super - Cash1.99%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Cash1 year249
2Sunsuper for Life - Cash1.87%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Cash1 year276
3NGS Super - Cash & Term Deposits1.86%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Cash1 year269
4legalsuper - Cash1.82%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Cash1 year320
5Christian Super - Ethical Cash1.82%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Cash1 year298
6First State Super - Cash1.78%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Cash1 year259
7LUCRF Super - Cash1.78%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Cash1 year253
8Rest - Cash1.77%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Cash1 year222
9Media Super - Cash1.75%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Cash1 year270
10Catholic Super - Cash1.74%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Cash1 year237
1Intrust Core Super - Cash2.01%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Cash3 year249
2Sunsuper for Life - Cash1.94%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Cash3 year276
3NGS Super - Cash & Term Deposits1.90%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Cash3 year269
4Catholic Super - Cash1.89%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Cash3 year237
5First State Super - Cash1.89%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Cash3 year259
6Club Plus Super - Cash1.85%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Cash3 year302
7AustralianSuper - Cash1.84%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Cash3 year349
8Vision SS - Cash1.84%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Cash3 year281
9Rest - Cash1.83%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Cash3 year222
10Tasplan - Cash1.83%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Cash3 year289
1Club Plus Super - Cash2.26%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Cash5 year302
2Intrust Core Super - Cash2.15%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Cash5 year249
3Catholic Super - Cash2.14%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Cash5 year237
4Sunsuper for Life - Cash2.08%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Cash5 year276
5NGS Super - Cash & Term Deposits2.04%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Cash5 year269
6Vision SS - Cash2.01%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Cash5 year281
7AustralianSuper - Cash1.99%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Cash5 year349
8Tasplan - Cash1.98%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Cash5 year289
9First State Super - Cash1.95%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Cash5 year259
10Rest - Cash1.95%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Cash5 year222
1Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Moderate Growth4.22%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD267
2QANTAS Super Gateway - Balanced4.13%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD274
3First State Super - Balanced Growth4.13%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD259
4LGIAsuper Accum - Balanced4.09%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD311
5ASGARD Emp Super - SMA Moderate3.99%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD340
6Vision SS - Balanced3.92%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD281
7AustralianSuper - Conservative Balanced3.87%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD349
8IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Moderate Trust3.86%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD250
9TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Defensive Growth3.66%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD282
10Local Government Super Accum - Balanced3.60%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD345
1ASGARD Emp Super - SMA Moderate13.27%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year340
2AustralianSuper - Conservative Balanced12.53%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year349
3Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Moderate Growth12.45%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year267
4Colonial FS RO - Balanced Option12.42%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year392
5TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Defensive Growth12.39%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year282
6UniSuper Accum (1) - Conservative Balanced12.14%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year279
7IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Moderate Trust12.07%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year250
8First State Super - Balanced Growth11.95%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year259
9Sunsuper for Life - Retirement11.91%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year276
10Vision SS - Balanced11.60%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year281
1Vision SS - Balanced8.94%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year281
2AustralianSuper - Conservative Balanced8.76%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year349
3First State Super - Balanced Growth8.67%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year259
4Sunsuper for Life - Retirement8.47%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year276
5TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Defensive Growth8.44%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year282
6ASGARD Emp Super - SMA Moderate8.19%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year340
7LGIAsuper Accum - Balanced8.05%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year311
8NGS Super - Balanced7.91%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year269
9Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Moderate Growth7.91%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year267
10UniSuper Accum (1) - Conservative Balanced7.74%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year279
1AustralianSuper - Conservative Balanced7.80%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year349
2Vision SS - Balanced7.78%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year281
3TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Defensive Growth7.73%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year282
4First State Super - Balanced Growth7.31%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year259
5Sunsuper for Life - Retirement7.31%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year276
6UniSuper Accum (1) - Conservative Balanced7.19%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year279
7NGS Super - Balanced7.02%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year269
8LGIAsuper Accum - Balanced6.82%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year311
9Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Moderate Growth6.67%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year267
10Local Government Super Accum - Balanced6.59%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year345
1Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Bonds2.64%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD363
2Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Fixed Interest2.33%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD267
3Mine Super - Bonds2.28%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD342
4Catholic Super - Diversified Fixed Interest1.97%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD237
5LGIAsuper Accum - Diversified Fixed Interest1.93%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD311
6CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Fixed Interest1.90%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD235
7Hostplus - Diversified Fixed Interest1.80%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD343
8smartMonday PRIME - Fixed Interest - Diversified1.69%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD226
9Commonwealth Bank Group Super - Fixed Interest1.63%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD364
10IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Diversified Fixed Interest Trust1.58%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD250
1Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Bonds10.52%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year363
2Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Fixed Interest9.72%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year267
3Mine Super - Bonds9.63%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year342
4CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Fixed Interest9.25%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year235
5HESTA - Global Bonds7.91%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year260
6Sunsuper for Life - Diversified Bonds7.81%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year276
7StatewideSuper - Diversified Bonds7.68%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year306
8QSuper - Diversified Bonds7.57%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year251
9LGIAsuper Accum - Diversified Fixed Interest7.25%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year311
10smartMonday PRIME - Fixed Interest - Diversified7.13%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year226
1Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Bonds5.53%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year363
2Mine Super - Bonds5.22%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year342
3Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Fixed Interest4.89%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year267
4Catholic Super - Diversified Fixed Interest4.53%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year237
5Hostplus - Diversified Fixed Interest4.48%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year343
6StatewideSuper - Diversified Bonds4.43%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year306
7HESTA - Global Bonds4.42%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year260
8CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Fixed Interest4.39%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year235
9Sunsuper for Life - Diversified Bonds4.31%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year276
10TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Fixed Interest3.97%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year282
1Hostplus - Diversified Fixed Interest5.22%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year343
2Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Bonds4.36%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year363
3Catholic Super - Diversified Fixed Interest4.22%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year237
4HESTA - Global Bonds4.08%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year260
5Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Fixed Interest4.08%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year267
6AustralianSuper - Diversified Fixed Interest3.95%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year349
7Mine Super - Bonds3.91%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year342
8CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Fixed Interest3.87%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year235
9StatewideSuper - Diversified Bonds3.83%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year306
10Sunsuper for Life - Diversified Bonds3.71%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year276
1IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Growth Trust6.67%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD250
2smartMonday PRIME - Growth - Active6.62%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD226
3Tasplan - Growth6.59%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD289
4Maritime Stevedores AccumPlus - Growth6.54%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD283
5UniSuper Accum (1) - Growth6.10%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD279
6LGIAsuper Accum - Aggressive6.04%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD311
7BUSSQ Premium Choice - High Growth5.98%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD224
8Hostplus - Shares Plus5.98%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD343
9BT Super for Life - 1970s Lifestage Fund5.93%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD371
10Mercer Super Trust - Mercer High Growth5.89%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD267
1UniSuper Accum (1) - Growth19.05%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)1 year279
2IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Growth Trust18.94%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)1 year250
3Tasplan - Growth18.42%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)1 year289
4Aust Ethical Pers - Growth18.30%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)1 year352
5smartMonday PRIME - Growth - Active17.83%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)1 year226
6AMP FS Choice - Super Easy Growth17.72%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)1 year532
7AustralianSuper - High Growth17.52%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)1 year349
8ASGARD Emp Super - SMA Growth17.43%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)1 year340
9BT Super for Life - 1970s Lifestage Fund17.31%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)1 year371
10MTAA Super - Growth16.91%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)1 year271
1Hostplus - Shares Plus12.20%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)3 year343
2AustralianSuper - High Growth12.17%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)3 year349
3UniSuper Accum (1) - Growth12.14%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)3 year279
4Sunsuper for Life - Growth11.86%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)3 year276
5Vision SS - Growth11.59%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)3 year281
6HESTA - Shares Plus11.52%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)3 year260
7LGIAsuper Accum - Aggressive11.47%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)3 year311
8Tasplan - Growth11.39%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)3 year289
9Media Super - Growth11.32%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)3 year270
10MTAA Super - Growth11.28%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)3 year271
1Hostplus - Shares Plus10.44%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)5 year343
2AustralianSuper - High Growth10.31%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)5 year349
3Sunsuper for Life - Growth10.16%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)5 year276
4UniSuper Accum (1) - Growth10.14%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)5 year279
5MTAA Super - Growth10.02%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)5 year271
6Vision SS - Growth9.88%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)5 year281
7HESTA - Shares Plus9.59%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)5 year260
8Media Super - Growth9.53%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)5 year270
9CareSuper - Growth9.42%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)5 year347
10Local Government Super Accum - High Growth9.41%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Growth (77-90)5 year345
1Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Diversified Shares6.88%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD267
2Equip MyFuture - Growth Plus6.79%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD242
3UniSuper Accum (1) - High Growth6.60%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD279
4Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Shares6.26%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD363
5VicSuper FutureSaver - Equity Growth Option6.11%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD286
6Mine Super - Aggressive6.10%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD342
7First State Super - High Growth6.08%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD259
8OnePath OA Frontier - OptiMix High Growth6.04%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD357
9Asgard SMAF - SMA High Growth6.02%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD340
10Plum - Pre-mixed Aggressive6.00%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD634
1UniSuper Accum (1) - High Growth21.81%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year279
2Sunsuper for Life - Shares20.63%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year276
3Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Diversified Shares19.87%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year267
4Asgard SMAF - SMA High Growth19.42%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year340
5MLC MKey - Horizon 6 - Share Portfolio19.39%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year634
6Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Shares19.25%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year363
7VicSuper FutureSaver - Equity Growth Option18.65%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year286
8OnePath OA Frontier - OptiMix High Growth18.22%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year357
9Plum - Pre-mixed Aggressive18.12%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year634
10NGS Super - Shares Plus17.77%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year269
1UniSuper Accum (1) - High Growth13.69%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year279
2Equip MyFuture - Growth Plus13.25%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year242
3Sunsuper for Life - Shares12.98%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year276
4MLC MKey - Horizon 6 - Share Portfolio12.46%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year634
5Asgard SMAF - SMA High Growth12.29%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year340
6VicSuper FutureSaver - Equity Growth Option12.22%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year286
7Plum - Pre-mixed Aggressive12.15%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year634
8Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Diversified Shares12.12%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year267
9NGS Super - Shares Plus12.10%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year269
10First State Super - High Growth12.07%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year259
1UniSuper Accum (1) - High Growth11.34%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year279
2Cbus - High Growth10.58%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year245
3Equip MyFuture - Growth Plus10.45%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year242
4MLC MKey - Horizon 6 - Share Portfolio10.30%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year634
5NGS Super - Shares Plus10.19%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year269
6Sunsuper for Life - Shares10.16%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year276
7Intrust Core Super - Growth10.05%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year249
8Plum - Pre-mixed Aggressive9.88%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year634
9Catholic Super - Aggressive (MySuper)9.86%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year237
10First State Super - High Growth9.84%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year259
1Plum - International Shares - Index10.18%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019International SharesFYTD634
2Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Overseas Shares (Unhedged)9.32%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019International SharesFYTD267
3OnePath OA Frontier - OptiMix Global Shares9.26%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019International SharesFYTD357
4Plum - International Shares9.16%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019International SharesFYTD634
5OnePath Integra - OnePath Global Shares9.08%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019International SharesFYTD357
6First State Super - International Equities9.06%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019International SharesFYTD259
7ING Super - International Shares8.99%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019International SharesFYTD461
8Aust Ethical Pers - International Shares8.70%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019International SharesFYTD352
9AustralianSuper - International Shares8.47%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019International SharesFYTD349
10LGIAsuper Accum - International Shares8.47%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019International SharesFYTD311
1Zurich Super - Zurich Global Thematic Share CF23.55%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019International Shares1 year353
2OnePath Integra - OnePath Global Shares22.82%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019International Shares1 year357
3Plum - International Shares - Index22.67%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019International Shares1 year634
4First State Super - International Equities22.17%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019International Shares1 year259
5Plum - International Shares22.14%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019International Shares1 year634
6AustralianSuper - International Shares22.08%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019International Shares1 year349
7Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Overseas Shares (Unhedged)21.81%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019International Shares1 year267
8Aust Ethical Pers - International Shares21.73%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019International Shares1 year352
9ING Super - International Shares21.24%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019International Shares1 year461
10MLC MKey - MLC Global Share Fund20.97%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019International Shares1 year634
1OnePath Integra - OnePath Global Shares17.39%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019International Shares3 year357
2Equip MyFuture - Overseas Shares15.27%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019International Shares3 year242
3AustralianSuper - International Shares15.21%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019International Shares3 year349
4Plum - International Shares15.08%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019International Shares3 year634
5First State Super - International Equities15.03%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019International Shares3 year259
6Plum - International Shares - Index14.96%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019International Shares3 year634
7Hostplus - International Shares14.90%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019International Shares3 year343
8MLC MKey - MLC Global Share Fund14.69%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019International Shares3 year634
9Intrust Core Super - International Shares14.45%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019International Shares3 year249
10Commonwealth Bank Group Super - International Shares14.33%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019International Shares3 year364
1OnePath Integra - OnePath Global Shares13.55%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019International Shares5 year357
2Plum - International Shares - Index12.14%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019International Shares5 year634
3Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Overseas Shares (Unhedged)12.13%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019International Shares5 year267
4UniSuper Accum (1) - International Shares11.91%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019International Shares5 year279
5Russell iQ Super Emp - Global Opportunities11.89%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019International Shares5 year310
6AustralianSuper - International Shares11.87%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019International Shares5 year349
7MLC MKey - MLC Global Share Fund11.85%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019International Shares5 year634
8ING Super - International Shares11.82%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019International Shares5 year461
9Plum - International Shares11.56%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019International Shares5 year634
10OnePath OA Frontier - OptiMix Global Shares11.56%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019International Shares5 year357
1First State Super - Property7.90%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019PropertyFYTD259
2OnePath Integra - OnePath Property Securities7.76%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019PropertyFYTD357
3Mine Super - Property5.84%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019PropertyFYTD342
4smartMonday PRIME - Property - Diversified5.33%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019PropertyFYTD226
5Plum - Diversified Property Securities4.41%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019PropertyFYTD634
6LUCRF Super - Property4.32%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019PropertyFYTD253
7Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Property3.98%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019PropertyFYTD267
8AMP FLS - Specialist Property & Infrastructure3.96%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019PropertyFYTD297
9Catholic Super - Property3.89%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019PropertyFYTD237
10MLC MKey - MLC Property Securities Fund3.85%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019PropertyFYTD634
1BT Lifetime Super Emp - BT Property Securities26.21%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Property1 year220
2LUCRF Super - Property24.02%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Property1 year253
3MLC MKey - MLC Property Securities Fund23.33%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Property1 year634
4BT Bus Super - Westpac Australian Property Securities23.18%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Property1 year646
5Plum - Diversified Property Securities21.13%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Property1 year634
6Colonial FS RO - Property Securities Option20.87%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Property1 year392
7Mine Super - Property19.10%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Property1 year342
8smartMonday PRIME - Property - Diversified18.69%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Property1 year226
9OnePath Integra - OnePath Property Securities18.04%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Property1 year357
10AMP FLS - Specialist Property & Infrastructure17.84%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Property1 year297
1BT Lifetime Super Emp - BT Property Securities12.05%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Property3 year220
2LUCRF Super - Property11.92%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Property3 year253
3First State Super - Property11.90%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Property3 year259
4MLC MKey - MLC Property Securities Fund11.54%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Property3 year634
5Plum - Diversified Property Securities11.52%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Property3 year634
6Intrust Core Super - Property10.99%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Property3 year249
7Mine Super - Property10.88%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Property3 year342
8TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Property10.75%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Property3 year282
9BT Bus Super - Westpac Australian Property Securities10.63%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Property3 year646
10CareSuper - Direct Property10.45%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Property3 year347
1MLC MKey - MLC Property Securities Fund11.99%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Property5 year634
2LUCRF Super - Property11.80%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Property5 year253
3TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Property11.35%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Property5 year282
4First State Super - Property11.08%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Property5 year259
5CareSuper - Direct Property11.04%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Property5 year347
6BT Lifetime Super Emp - BT Property Securities11.03%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Property5 year220
7Plum - Diversified Property Securities10.79%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Property5 year634
8Intrust Core Super - Property10.47%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Property5 year249
9BT Bus Super - Westpac Australian Property Securities9.98%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Property5 year646
10Catholic Super - Property9.97%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Property5 year237
1Super SA Triple S - Capital Defensive2.37%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD329
2smartMonday PRIME - Defensive - Index2.13%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD226
3smartMonday PRIME - Defensive - Active2.01%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD226
4Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Capital Stable1.88%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD363
5CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Defensive1.51%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD235
6ANZ OneAnswer Pers - OnePath Income NCF1.40%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD357
7CFS FC Emp - FirstChoice Defensive1.29%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD235
8IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF Capital Secure Trust1.21%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD250
9ESSSuper Accum - Defensive1.17%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD319
10legalsuper - Enhanced Cash1.11%FYTDMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD320
1Super SA Triple S - Capital Defensive8.49%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)1 year329
2max Personal - Income7.47%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)1 year341
3ANZ OneAnswer Pers - OnePath Income NCF6.70%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)1 year357
4smartMonday PRIME - Defensive - Index6.40%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)1 year226
5Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Capital Stable6.39%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)1 year363
6CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Defensive6.06%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)1 year235
7smartMonday PRIME - Defensive - Active5.51%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)1 year226
8CFS FC Emp - FirstChoice Defensive5.46%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)1 year235
9Clearview Super - Conservative5.21%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)1 year367
10Perpetual WealthFocus - Perpetual Dynamic Fixed Income Fund4.54%1 yearMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)1 year350
1Super SA Triple S - Capital Defensive5.53%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)3 year329
2Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Capital Stable4.47%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)3 year363
3CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Defensive3.52%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)3 year235
4max Personal - Income3.44%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)3 year341
5ESSSuper Accum - Defensive3.30%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)3 year319
6smartMonday PRIME - Defensive - Index3.03%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)3 year226
7smartMonday PRIME - Defensive - Active2.96%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)3 year226
8CFS FC Emp - FirstChoice Defensive2.91%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)3 year235
9IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF Capital Secure Trust2.88%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)3 year250
10Sunsuper for Life - Capital Guaranteed2.70%3 yearMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)3 year276
1Super SA Triple S - Capital Defensive4.89%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)5 year329
2Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Capital Stable3.86%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)5 year363
3CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Defensive3.24%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)5 year235
4ESSSuper Accum - Defensive3.09%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)5 year319
5Sunsuper for Life - Capital Guaranteed2.99%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)5 year276
6max Personal - Income2.87%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)5 year341
7smartMonday PRIME - Defensive - Index2.83%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)5 year226
8smartMonday PRIME - Defensive - Active2.78%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)5 year226
9CFS FC Emp - FirstChoice Defensive2.64%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)5 year235
10IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF Capital Secure Trust2.49%5 yearMore Info30/11/2019Secure (0-19)5 year250
1Aust Ethical Pers - Australian Shares10.24%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Australian SharesFYTD352
2IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Australian Shares Trust7.14%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Australian SharesFYTD250
3HESTA - Australian Shares3.89%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Australian SharesFYTD260
4LUCRF Super - Australian Shares3.87%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Australian SharesFYTD253
5Energy Super - Australian Shares3.87%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Australian SharesFYTD238
6Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Australian Shares3.79%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Australian SharesFYTD267
7Perpetual WealthFocus - Perpetual Industrial Share Fund3.73%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Australian SharesFYTD350
8Hostplus - Australian Shares3.63%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Australian SharesFYTD343
9smartMonday PRIME - Australian Shares - Diversified3.60%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Australian SharesFYTD226
10Intrust Core Super - Australian Shares3.53%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Australian SharesFYTD249
1IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Australian Shares Trust24.46%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Australian Shares1 year250
2Aust Ethical Pers - Australian Shares23.85%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Australian Shares1 year352
3UniSuper Accum (1) - Australian Shares19.67%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Australian Shares1 year279
4AustralianSuper - Australian Shares19.25%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Australian Shares1 year349
5First State Super - Australian Equities18.92%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Australian Shares1 year259
6Vision SS - Australian Equities18.56%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Australian Shares1 year281
7MLC MKey - MLC Australian Share Fund18.52%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Australian Shares1 year634
8LGIAsuper Accum - Australian Shares18.24%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Australian Shares1 year311
9QSuper - Australian Shares17.92%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Australian Shares1 year251
10Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Australian Shares17.81%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Australian Shares1 year267
1IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Australian Shares Trust13.79%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Australian Shares3 year250
2UniSuper Accum (1) - Australian Shares13.27%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Australian Shares3 year279
3MLC MKey - MLC Australian Share Fund12.96%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Australian Shares3 year634
4StatewideSuper - Australian Shares12.54%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Australian Shares3 year306
5AustralianSuper - Australian Shares12.54%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Australian Shares3 year349
6First State Super - Australian Equities12.41%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Australian Shares3 year259
7MTAA Super - Australian Shares12.36%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Australian Shares3 year271
8Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Australian Shares12.26%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Australian Shares3 year267
9Rest - Australian Shares12.23%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Australian Shares3 year222
10Plum - Australian Shares12.23%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Australian Shares3 year634
1Aust Ethical Pers - Australian Shares12.13%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Australian Shares5 year352
2Catholic Super - Australian Shares10.12%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Australian Shares5 year237
3StatewideSuper - Australian Shares10.03%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Australian Shares5 year306
4Hostplus - Australian Shares9.75%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Australian Shares5 year343
5IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Australian Shares Trust9.71%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Australian Shares5 year250
6MLC MKey - MLC Australian Share Fund9.63%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Australian Shares5 year634
7Intrust Core Super - Australian Shares9.55%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Australian Shares5 year249
8AustralianSuper - Australian Shares9.38%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Australian Shares5 year349
9legalsuper - Australian Shares9.25%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Australian Shares5 year320
10MTAA Super - Australian Shares9.23%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Australian Shares5 year271
1IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Balanced Growth Trust3.54%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD250
2QSuper - Balanced3.24%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD251
3Aust Ethical Pers - Balanced3.17%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD352
4Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Growth3.05%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD267
5smartMonday PRIME - Balanced Growth - Active3.03%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD226
6Maritime Stevedores AccumPlus - Balanced3.03%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD283
7Mercy Super - MySuper Balanced3.03%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD414
8LGIAsuper Accum - Diversified Growth2.94%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD311
9Catholic Super - Balanced (MySuper)2.81%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD237
10QANTAS Super Gateway - Growth2.76%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD274
1UniSuper Accum (1) - Balanced14.96%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year279
2Aust Ethical Pers - Balanced14.70%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year352
3AustralianSuper - Balanced12.74%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year349
4smartMonday PRIME - Balanced Growth - Active12.56%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year226
5QSuper - Balanced12.49%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year251
6IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Balanced Growth Trust12.14%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year250
7CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Multi-Index Balanced11.95%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year235
8Sunsuper for Life - Balanced11.79%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year276
9MLC MKey - Horizon 4 - Balanced Portfolio11.64%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year634
10MTAA Super - My AutoSuper11.55%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year271
1UniSuper Accum (1) - Balanced10.73%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year279
2AustralianSuper - Balanced10.68%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year349
3Hostplus - Balanced10.50%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year343
4Sunsuper for Life - Balanced10.38%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year276
5Mercy Super - MySuper Balanced10.28%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year414
6First State Super - Growth10.14%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year259
7Media Super - Balanced9.97%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year270
8Cbus - Growth (Cbus MySuper)9.79%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year245
9VicSuper FutureSaver - Growth (MySuper) Option9.75%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year286
10Vision SS - Balanced Growth9.74%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year281
1Hostplus - Balanced9.48%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year343
2AustralianSuper - Balanced9.30%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year349
3UniSuper Accum (1) - Balanced9.02%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year279
4MTAA Super - My AutoSuper8.93%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year271
5Cbus - Growth (Cbus MySuper)8.90%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year245
6Sunsuper for Life - Balanced8.89%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year276
7Mercy Super - MySuper Balanced8.77%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year414
8QSuper - Balanced8.67%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year251
9CareSuper - Balanced8.52%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year347
10Media Super - Balanced8.45%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year270
1QANTAS Super Gateway - Conservative2.40%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD274
2Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Conservative Growth2.38%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD267
3Maritime Stevedores AccumPlus - Conservative2.01%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD283
4Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Conservative1.98%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD363
5Catholic Super - Conservative1.95%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD237
6smartMonday PRIME - Moderate - Active1.90%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD226
7HESTA - Conservative Pool1.87%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD260
8Vision SS - Conservative1.85%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD281
9AustralianSuper - Stable1.80%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD349
10Russell iQ Super Emp - Defensive1.78%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD310
1AustralianSuper - Stable8.67%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year349
2smartMonday PRIME - Moderate - Active8.41%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year226
3Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Conservative Growth8.38%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year267
4HESTA - Conservative Pool8.29%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year260
5Cbus - Conservative8.21%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year245
6Sunsuper for Life - Conservative8.08%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year276
7CFS FC Emp - CFS Conservative7.96%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year235
8OnePath OA Frontier - OptiMix Conservative7.77%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year357
9CSC PSSap - Income Focused7.68%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year336
10First State Super Tailored Super Plan - Moderate Fund7.59%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year259
1HESTA - Conservative Pool6.80%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year260
2NGS Super - Defensive6.69%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year269
3AustralianSuper - Stable6.63%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year349
4Sunsuper for Life - Conservative6.36%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year276
5CSC PSSap - Income Focused6.32%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year336
6Vision SS - Conservative6.21%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year281
7TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Conservative6.15%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year282
8Media Super - Stable6.01%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year270
9Cbus - Conservative5.98%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year245
10Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Conservative Growth5.98%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year267
1AustralianSuper - Stable6.29%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year349
2HESTA - Conservative Pool6.27%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year260
3CSC PSSap - Income Focused6.10%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year336
4NGS Super - Defensive6.04%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year269
5TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Conservative5.85%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year282
6Sunsuper for Life - Conservative5.82%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year276
7StatewideSuper - Conservative5.62%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year306
8Cbus - Conservative5.61%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year245
9Vision SS - Conservative5.58%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year281
10Catholic Super - Conservative5.58%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year237
1legalsuper - Cash0.89%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019CashFYTD320
2Intrust Core Super - Cash0.66%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019CashFYTD249
3Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Cash0.58%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019CashFYTD267
4NGS Super - Cash & Term Deposits0.58%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019CashFYTD269
5Sunsuper for Life - Cash0.57%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019CashFYTD276
6LUCRF Super - Cash0.51%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019CashFYTD253
7Rest - Cash0.51%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019CashFYTD222
8Catholic Super - Cash0.50%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019CashFYTD237
9QANTAS Super Gateway - Cash0.49%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019CashFYTD274
10Media Super - Cash0.48%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019CashFYTD270
1Intrust Core Super - Cash2.02%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Cash1 year249
2Sunsuper for Life - Cash1.92%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Cash1 year276
3NGS Super - Cash & Term Deposits1.91%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Cash1 year269
4First State Super - Cash1.86%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Cash1 year259
5legalsuper - Cash1.86%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Cash1 year320
6LUCRF Super - Cash1.83%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Cash1 year253
7Rest - Cash1.81%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Cash1 year222
8Catholic Super - Cash1.81%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Cash1 year237
9Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Cash1.79%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Cash1 year267
10AustralianSuper - Cash1.79%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Cash1 year349
1Intrust Core Super - Cash2.03%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Cash3 year249
2Sunsuper for Life - Cash1.96%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Cash3 year276
3NGS Super - Cash & Term Deposits1.92%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Cash3 year269
4Catholic Super - Cash1.91%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Cash3 year237
5First State Super - Cash1.91%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Cash3 year259
6Club Plus Super - Cash1.86%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Cash3 year302
7Vision SS - Cash1.86%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Cash3 year281
8AustralianSuper - Cash1.86%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Cash3 year349
9Rest - Cash1.85%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Cash3 year222
10Tasplan - Cash1.84%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Cash3 year289
1Club Plus Super - Cash2.29%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Cash5 year302
2Intrust Core Super - Cash2.17%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Cash5 year249
3Catholic Super - Cash2.16%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Cash5 year237
4Sunsuper for Life - Cash2.10%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Cash5 year276
5Tasplan - Cash2.07%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Cash5 year289
6NGS Super - Cash & Term Deposits2.05%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Cash5 year269
7Vision SS - Cash2.04%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Cash5 year281
8AustralianSuper - Cash2.01%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Cash5 year349
9First State Super - Cash1.98%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Cash5 year259
10Rest - Cash1.97%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Cash5 year222
1Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Moderate Growth2.76%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD267
2QANTAS Super Gateway - Balanced2.60%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD274
3Vision SS - Balanced2.47%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD281
4LGIAsuper Accum - Balanced2.46%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD311
5IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Moderate Trust2.36%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD250
6AustralianSuper - Conservative Balanced2.24%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD349
7Local Government Super Accum - Balanced2.24%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD345
8Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Conservative Balanced2.21%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD363
9First State Super - Balanced Growth2.17%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD259
10Sunsuper for Life - Retirement2.03%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD276
1UniSuper Accum (1) - Conservative Balanced10.85%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year279
2AustralianSuper - Conservative Balanced10.81%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year349
3Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Moderate Growth10.53%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year267
4Colonial FS RO - Balanced Option10.18%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year392
5TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Defensive Growth10.15%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year282
6Sunsuper for Life - Retirement9.98%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year276
7LGIAsuper Accum - Balanced9.77%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year311
8IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Moderate Trust9.73%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year250
9Vision SS - Balanced9.71%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year281
10First State Super - Balanced Growth9.64%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year259
1Vision SS - Balanced8.70%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year281
2AustralianSuper - Conservative Balanced8.38%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year349
3First State Super - Balanced Growth8.31%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year259
4Sunsuper for Life - Retirement8.31%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year276
5TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Defensive Growth8.03%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year282
6NGS Super - Balanced7.77%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year269
7Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Moderate Growth7.61%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year267
8LGIAsuper Accum - Balanced7.58%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year311
9QANTAS Super Gateway - Balanced7.54%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year274
10UniSuper Accum (1) - Conservative Balanced7.48%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year279
1AustralianSuper - Conservative Balanced7.63%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year349
2TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Defensive Growth7.50%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year282
3Vision SS - Balanced7.43%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year281
4UniSuper Accum (1) - Conservative Balanced7.11%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year279
5Sunsuper for Life - Retirement7.08%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year276
6First State Super - Balanced Growth7.04%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year259
7NGS Super - Balanced6.91%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year269
8LGIAsuper Accum - Balanced6.61%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year311
9Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Moderate Growth6.51%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year267
10Local Government Super Accum - Balanced6.44%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year345
1Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Bonds2.08%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD363
2Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Fixed Interest1.92%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD267
3CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Fixed Interest1.73%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD235
4StatewideSuper - Diversified Bonds1.53%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD306
5Catholic Super - Diversified Fixed Interest1.52%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD237
6IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Diversified Fixed Interest Trust1.50%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD250
7Mine Super - Bonds1.45%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD342
8smartMonday PRIME - Fixed Interest - Diversified1.39%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD226
9Sunsuper for Life - Diversified Bonds1.36%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD276
10Hostplus - Diversified Fixed Interest1.35%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD343
1Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Bonds9.91%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year363
2Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Fixed Interest9.44%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year267
3CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Fixed Interest9.10%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year235
4Mine Super - Bonds8.68%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year342
5StatewideSuper - Diversified Bonds8.34%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year306
6HESTA - Global Bonds7.84%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year260
7Sunsuper for Life - Diversified Bonds7.67%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year276
8QSuper - Diversified Bonds7.38%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year251
9IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Diversified Fixed Interest Trust6.89%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year250
10smartMonday PRIME - Fixed Interest - Diversified6.87%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year226
1Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Bonds5.01%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year363
2Mine Super - Bonds4.63%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year342
3Hostplus - Diversified Fixed Interest4.47%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year343
4Catholic Super - Diversified Fixed Interest4.31%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year237
5Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Fixed Interest4.29%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year267
6Sunsuper for Life - Diversified Bonds4.04%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year276
7HESTA - Global Bonds3.98%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year260
8StatewideSuper - Diversified Bonds3.96%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year306
9CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Fixed Interest3.84%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year235
10AustralianSuper - Diversified Fixed Interest3.76%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year349
1Hostplus - Diversified Fixed Interest5.20%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year343
2Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Bonds4.30%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year363
3Catholic Super - Diversified Fixed Interest4.25%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year237
4HESTA - Global Bonds4.23%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year260
5Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Fixed Interest4.23%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year267
6AustralianSuper - Diversified Fixed Interest4.10%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year349
7StatewideSuper - Diversified Bonds4.10%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year306
8CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Fixed Interest4.04%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year235
9Mine Super - Bonds3.90%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year342
10TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Fixed Interest3.80%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year282
1IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Growth Trust4.19%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD250
2Tasplan - Growth4.12%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD289
3Maritime Stevedores AccumPlus - Growth3.85%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD283
4Mercer Super Trust - Mercer High Growth3.55%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD267
5smartMonday PRIME - Growth - Active3.48%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD226
6Hostplus - Shares Plus3.42%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD343
7LGIAsuper Accum - Aggressive3.32%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD311
8BT Super for Life - 1970s Lifestage Fund3.30%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD371
9Vision SS - Growth3.17%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD281
10BUSSQ Premium Choice - High Growth3.16%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD224
1Aust Ethical Pers - Growth15.60%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)1 year352
2Tasplan - Growth14.67%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)1 year289
3UniSuper Accum (1) - Growth14.34%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)1 year279
4AMP FS Choice - Super Easy Growth14.30%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)1 year532
5IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Growth Trust14.25%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)1 year250
6AustralianSuper - High Growth13.96%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)1 year349
7smartMonday PRIME - Growth - Active13.87%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)1 year226
8MTAA Super - Growth13.62%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)1 year271
9LGIAsuper Accum - Aggressive13.33%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)1 year311
10BT Super for Life - 1970s Lifestage Fund13.26%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)1 year371
1Hostplus - Shares Plus11.88%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)3 year343
2Sunsuper for Life - Growth11.67%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)3 year276
3UniSuper Accum (1) - Growth11.65%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)3 year279
4AustralianSuper - High Growth11.61%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)3 year349
5Tasplan - Growth11.28%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)3 year289
6Vision SS - Growth11.26%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)3 year281
7HESTA - Shares Plus11.20%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)3 year260
8MTAA Super - Growth11.08%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)3 year271
9LGIAsuper Accum - Aggressive11.08%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)3 year311
10Media Super - Growth11.00%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)3 year270
1Hostplus - Shares Plus10.12%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)5 year343
2AustralianSuper - High Growth9.90%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)5 year349
3MTAA Super - Growth9.78%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)5 year271
4Sunsuper for Life - Growth9.73%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)5 year276
5UniSuper Accum (1) - Growth9.53%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)5 year279
6Tasplan - Growth9.23%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)5 year289
7Vision SS - Growth9.21%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)5 year281
8Media Super - Growth9.15%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)5 year270
9HESTA - Shares Plus9.14%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)5 year260
10CareSuper - Growth9.13%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Growth (77-90)5 year347
1Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Diversified Shares3.69%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD267
2CFS FC Emp - FirstChoice High Growth3.38%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD235
3Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Shares3.34%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD363
4VicSuper FutureSaver - Equity Growth Option3.21%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD286
5Cbus - High Growth3.21%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD245
6Mine Super - Aggressive3.21%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD342
7First State Super - High Growth3.16%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD259
8Plum - Pre-mixed Aggressive3.14%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD634
9OnePath OA Frontier - OptiMix High Growth3.14%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD357
10Russell iQ Super Emp - High Growth3.03%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD310
1UniSuper Accum (1) - High Growth15.91%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year279
2Sunsuper for Life - Shares15.73%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year276
3MLC MKey - Horizon 6 - Share Portfolio15.52%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year634
4Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Diversified Shares14.77%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year267
5Plum - Pre-mixed Aggressive14.49%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year634
6VicSuper FutureSaver - Equity Growth Option14.25%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year286
7SD Bus - Multi-manager High Growth13.93%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year437
8Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Shares13.81%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year363
9OnePath OA Frontier - OptiMix High Growth13.75%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year357
10NGS Super - Shares Plus13.64%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year269
1UniSuper Accum (1) - High Growth13.27%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year279
2Sunsuper for Life - Shares12.66%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year276
3VicSuper FutureSaver - Equity Growth Option12.13%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year286
4MLC MKey - Horizon 6 - Share Portfolio12.11%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year634
5Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Diversified Shares11.99%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year267
6Plum - Pre-mixed Aggressive11.90%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year634
7First State Super - High Growth11.82%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year259
8Cbus - High Growth11.68%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year245
9NGS Super - Shares Plus11.64%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year269
10Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Shares11.58%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year363
1UniSuper Accum (1) - High Growth10.58%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year279
2Cbus - High Growth10.06%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year245
3MLC MKey - Horizon 6 - Share Portfolio10.04%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year634
4NGS Super - Shares Plus9.70%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year269
5Intrust Core Super - Growth9.66%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year249
6Plum - Pre-mixed Aggressive9.62%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year634
7Catholic Super - Aggressive (MySuper)9.50%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year237
8Sunsuper for Life - Shares9.45%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year276
9First State Super - High Growth9.41%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year259
10VicSuper FutureSaver - Equity Growth Option9.37%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year286
1Plum - International Shares - Index5.57%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019International SharesFYTD634
2OnePath OA Frontier - OptiMix Global Shares4.68%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019International SharesFYTD357
3ING Super - International Shares4.57%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019International SharesFYTD461
4First State Super - International Equities4.56%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019International SharesFYTD259
5Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Overseas Shares (Unhedged)4.48%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019International SharesFYTD267
6Plum - International Shares4.46%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019International SharesFYTD634
7Russell iQ Super Emp - Global Opportunities4.30%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019International SharesFYTD310
8SD Bus - Multi-manager International Equities4.27%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019International SharesFYTD437
9OnePath Integra - OnePath Global Shares4.26%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019International SharesFYTD357
10smartMonday PRIME - International Shares - Diversified4.17%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019International SharesFYTD226
1OnePath Integra - OnePath Global Shares18.44%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019International Shares1 year357
2Zurich Super - Zurich Global Thematic Share CF17.55%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019International Shares1 year353
3Plum - International Shares17.21%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019International Shares1 year634
4Plum - International Shares - Index16.78%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019International Shares1 year634
5MLC MKey - MLC Global Share Fund16.51%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019International Shares1 year634
6Aust Ethical Pers - International Shares16.48%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019International Shares1 year352
7AustralianSuper - International Shares16.24%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019International Shares1 year349
8UniSuper Accum (1) - International Shares15.97%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019International Shares1 year279
9LGIAsuper Accum - International Shares15.87%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019International Shares1 year311
10SD Bus - Multi-manager International Equities15.31%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019International Shares1 year437
1OnePath Integra - OnePath Global Shares16.11%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019International Shares3 year357
2First State Super - International Equities15.01%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019International Shares3 year259
3AustralianSuper - International Shares14.42%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019International Shares3 year349
4Plum - International Shares - Index14.40%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019International Shares3 year634
5Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Overseas Shares (Unhedged)14.34%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019International Shares3 year267
6ING Super - International Shares14.14%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019International Shares3 year461
7Commonwealth Bank Group Super - International Shares13.92%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019International Shares3 year364
8UniSuper Accum (1) - International Shares13.88%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019International Shares3 year279
9Plum - International Shares13.84%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019International Shares3 year634
10Zurich Super - Zurich Global Thematic Share CF13.84%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019International Shares3 year353
1OnePath Integra - OnePath Global Shares13.70%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019International Shares5 year357
2Plum - International Shares - Index12.25%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019International Shares5 year634
3Russell iQ Super Emp - Global Opportunities12.14%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019International Shares5 year310
4Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Overseas Shares (Unhedged)12.13%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019International Shares5 year267
5MLC MKey - MLC Global Share Fund12.12%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019International Shares5 year634
6ING Super - International Shares11.91%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019International Shares5 year461
7AustralianSuper - International Shares11.89%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019International Shares5 year349
8UniSuper Accum (1) - International Shares11.87%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019International Shares5 year279
9Plum - International Shares11.77%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019International Shares5 year634
10OnePath OA Frontier - OptiMix Global Shares11.62%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019International Shares5 year357
1First State Super - Property7.65%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019PropertyFYTD259
2OnePath Integra - OnePath Property Securities5.11%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019PropertyFYTD357
3Mine Super - Property5.06%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019PropertyFYTD342
4smartMonday PRIME - Property - Diversified4.43%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019PropertyFYTD226
5Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Property3.84%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019PropertyFYTD267
6Catholic Super - Property3.67%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019PropertyFYTD237
7AMP FLS - Specialist Property & Infrastructure3.20%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019PropertyFYTD297
8Plum - Diversified Property Securities2.96%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019PropertyFYTD634
9Sunsuper for Life - Property2.88%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019PropertyFYTD276
10Media Super - Property2.71%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019PropertyFYTD270
1BT Lifetime Super Emp - BT Property Securities23.40%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Property1 year220
2LUCRF Super - Property21.19%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Property1 year253
3MLC MKey - MLC Property Securities Fund20.37%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Property1 year634
4Plum - Diversified Property Securities20.10%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Property1 year634
5BT Bus Super - Westpac Australian Property Securities19.96%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Property1 year646
6Mine Super - Property19.08%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Property1 year342
7smartMonday PRIME - Property - Diversified18.96%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Property1 year226
8AMP FLS - Specialist Property & Infrastructure18.05%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Property1 year297
9First State Super - Property17.78%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Property1 year259
10Colonial FS RO - Property Securities Option17.64%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Property1 year392
1First State Super - Property11.99%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Property3 year259
2BT Lifetime Super Emp - BT Property Securities11.47%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Property3 year220
3LUCRF Super - Property11.40%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Property3 year253
4Plum - Diversified Property Securities11.24%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Property3 year634
5Intrust Core Super - Property11.23%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Property3 year249
6MLC MKey - MLC Property Securities Fund11.01%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Property3 year634
7TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Property10.70%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Property3 year282
8Mine Super - Property10.65%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Property3 year342
9CareSuper - Direct Property10.60%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Property3 year347
10Rest - Property10.27%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Property3 year222
1MLC MKey - MLC Property Securities Fund11.52%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Property5 year634
2LUCRF Super - Property11.31%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Property5 year253
3TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Property11.30%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Property5 year282
4First State Super - Property11.25%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Property5 year259
5CareSuper - Direct Property11.03%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Property5 year347
6Plum - Diversified Property Securities10.66%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Property5 year634
7BT Lifetime Super Emp - BT Property Securities10.65%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Property5 year220
8Intrust Core Super - Property10.50%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Property5 year249
9Rest - Property9.95%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Property5 year222
10Catholic Super - Property9.94%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Property5 year237
1Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Capital Stable1.46%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD363
2smartMonday PRIME - Defensive - Index1.45%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD226
3smartMonday PRIME - Defensive - Active1.39%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD226
4Super SA Triple S - Capital Defensive1.34%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD329
5ANZ OneAnswer Pers - OnePath Income NCF1.09%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD357
6CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Defensive1.07%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD235
7IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF Capital Secure Trust1.07%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD250
8legalsuper - Enhanced Cash1.03%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD320
9CFS FC Emp - FirstChoice Defensive0.90%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD235
10Perpetual WealthFocus - Perpetual Dynamic Fixed Income Fund0.89%FYTDMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD350
1Super SA Triple S - Capital Defensive7.31%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)1 year329
2max Personal - Income6.81%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)1 year341
3ANZ OneAnswer Pers - OnePath Income NCF6.27%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)1 year357
4Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Capital Stable5.78%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)1 year363
5smartMonday PRIME - Defensive - Index5.77%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)1 year226
6CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Defensive5.44%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)1 year235
7smartMonday PRIME - Defensive - Active4.87%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)1 year226
8CFS FC Emp - FirstChoice Defensive4.83%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)1 year235
9IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF Capital Secure Trust4.34%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)1 year250
10Clearview - Conservative4.34%1 yearMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)1 year367
1Super SA Triple S - Capital Defensive5.13%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)3 year329
2Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Capital Stable4.30%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)3 year363
3CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Defensive3.30%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)3 year235
4ESSSuper Accum - Defensive3.18%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)3 year319
5max Personal - Income2.85%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)3 year341
6Sunsuper for Life - Capital Guaranteed2.71%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)3 year276
7IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF Capital Secure Trust2.71%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)3 year250
8CFS FC Emp - FirstChoice Defensive2.69%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)3 year235
9Perpetual WealthFocus - Perpetual Dynamic Fixed Income Fund2.67%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)3 year350
10smartMonday PRIME - Defensive - Index2.55%3 yearMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)3 year226
1Super SA Triple S - Capital Defensive4.84%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)5 year329
2Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Capital Stable3.92%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)5 year363
3CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Defensive3.26%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)5 year235
4ESSSuper Accum - Defensive3.11%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)5 year319
5Sunsuper for Life - Capital Guaranteed3.01%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)5 year276
6max Personal - Income3.00%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)5 year341
7smartMonday PRIME - Defensive - Index2.81%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)5 year226
8smartMonday PRIME - Defensive - Active2.77%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)5 year226
9CFS FC Emp - FirstChoice Defensive2.66%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)5 year235
10IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF Capital Secure Trust2.53%5 yearMore Info31/10/2019Secure (0-19)5 year250
1Aust Ethical Pers - Australian Shares9.09%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Australian SharesFYTD352
2IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Australian Shares Trust5.61%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Australian SharesFYTD250
3Perpetual WealthFocus - Perpetual Industrial Share Fund4.18%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Australian SharesFYTD350
4HESTA - Australian Shares4.01%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Australian SharesFYTD260
5LUCRF Super - Australian Shares3.86%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Australian SharesFYTD253
6Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Australian Shares3.73%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Australian SharesFYTD267
7MLC MKey - MLC IncomeBuilder3.72%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Australian SharesFYTD634
8VicSuper FutureSaver - Australian Shares Option3.70%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Australian SharesFYTD286
9Vision SS - Australian Equities3.63%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Australian SharesFYTD281
10smartMonday PRIME - Australian Shares - Diversified3.63%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Australian SharesFYTD226
1Aust Ethical Pers - Australian Shares16.08%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Australian Shares1 year352
2IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Australian Shares Trust14.06%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Australian Shares1 year250
3AustralianSuper - Australian Shares13.07%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Australian Shares1 year349
4First State Super - Australian Equities12.73%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Australian Shares1 year259
5UniSuper Accum (1) - Australian Shares12.52%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Australian Shares1 year279
6Vision SS - Australian Equities12.37%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Australian Shares1 year281
7QSuper - Australian Shares12.02%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Australian Shares1 year251
8VicSuper FutureSaver - Australian Shares Option11.92%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Australian Shares1 year286
9MLC MKey - MLC Australian Share Fund11.84%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Australian Shares1 year634
10MLC MKey - MLC IncomeBuilder11.53%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Australian Shares1 year634
1UniSuper Accum (1) - Australian Shares12.27%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Australian Shares3 year279
2MLC MKey - MLC Australian Share Fund12.22%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Australian Shares3 year634
3IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Australian Shares Trust12.02%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Australian Shares3 year250
4StatewideSuper - Australian Shares11.86%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Australian Shares3 year306
5First State Super - Australian Equities11.84%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Australian Shares3 year259
6CareSuper - Australian Shares11.78%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Australian Shares3 year347
7Rest - Australian Shares11.61%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Australian Shares3 year222
8Club Plus Super - Australian Shares11.59%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Australian Shares3 year302
9AustralianSuper - Australian Shares11.53%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Australian Shares3 year349
10MTAA Super - Australian Shares11.50%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Australian Shares3 year271
1Aust Ethical Pers - Australian Shares12.07%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Australian Shares5 year352
2StatewideSuper - Australian Shares10.82%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Australian Shares5 year306
3Catholic Super - Australian Shares10.77%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Australian Shares5 year237
4MLC MKey - MLC Australian Share Fund10.45%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Australian Shares5 year634
5AustralianSuper - Australian Shares10.30%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Australian Shares5 year349
6Hostplus - Australian Shares10.29%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Australian Shares5 year343
7Intrust Core Super - Australian Shares10.15%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Australian Shares5 year249
8Rest - Australian Shares10.06%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Australian Shares5 year222
9IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Australian Shares Trust10.05%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Australian Shares5 year250
10MTAA Super - Australian Shares9.99%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Australian Shares5 year271
1IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Balanced Growth Trust3.11%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD250
2QSuper - Balanced3.02%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD251
3Aust Ethical Pers - Balanced2.86%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD352
4Mercy Super - MySuper Balanced2.74%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD414
5Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Growth2.73%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD267
6QANTAS Super Gateway - Growth2.47%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD274
7smartMonday PRIME - Balanced Growth - Active2.45%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD226
8HESTA - Core Pool2.42%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD260
9Catholic Super - Balanced (MySuper)2.39%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD237
10Local Government Super Accum - Balanced Growth2.38%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD345
1QSuper - Balanced11.07%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year251
2Aust Ethical Pers - Balanced10.41%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year352
3UniSuper Accum (1) - Balanced10.34%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year279
4AustralianSuper - Balanced8.35%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year349
5CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Multi-Index Balanced8.34%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year235
6Sunsuper for Life - Balanced8.23%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year276
7VicSuper FutureSaver - Growth (MySuper) Option8.18%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year286
8Mercy Super - MySuper Balanced8.16%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year414
9IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Balanced Growth Trust8.12%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year250
10MLC MKey - Horizon 4 - Balanced Portfolio7.67%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year634
1AustralianSuper - Balanced10.24%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year349
2Sunsuper for Life - Balanced10.16%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year276
3Hostplus - Balanced10.06%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year343
4Mercy Super - MySuper Balanced10.05%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year414
5UniSuper Accum (1) - Balanced9.71%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year279
6Media Super - Balanced9.67%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year270
7First State Super - Growth9.53%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year259
8Cbus - Growth (Cbus MySuper)9.42%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year245
9VicSuper FutureSaver - Growth (MySuper) Option9.40%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year286
10Club Plus Super - MySuper9.37%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year302
1AustralianSuper - Balanced9.55%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year349
2Hostplus - Balanced9.50%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year343
3UniSuper Accum (1) - Balanced9.39%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year279
4Cbus - Growth (Cbus MySuper)9.09%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year245
5MTAA Super - My AutoSuper9.06%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year271
6Sunsuper for Life - Balanced9.02%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year276
7Mercy Super - MySuper Balanced8.97%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year414
8QSuper - Balanced8.94%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year251
9CareSuper - Balanced8.73%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year347
10Media Super - Balanced8.60%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year270
1Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Conservative Growth2.36%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD267
2QANTAS Super Gateway - Conservative2.23%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD274
3Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Conservative2.02%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD363
4ASGARD Emp Super - SMA Defensive1.83%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD340
5HESTA - Conservative Pool1.78%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD260
6smartMonday PRIME - Moderate - Active1.75%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD226
7AustralianSuper - Stable1.71%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD349
8Catholic Super - Conservative1.69%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD237
9CSC PSSap - Income Focused1.69%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD336
10Cbus - Conservative1.65%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD245
1ASGARD Emp Super - SMA Defensive7.32%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year340
2Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Conservative Growth7.18%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year267
3CSC PSSap - Income Focused7.16%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year336
4AustralianSuper - Stable7.13%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year349
5HESTA - Conservative Pool7.11%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year260
6Cbus - Conservative7.08%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year245
7Sunsuper for Life - Conservative6.81%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year276
8First State Super Tailored Super Plan - Moderate Fund6.76%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year259
9UniSuper Accum (1) - Conservative6.66%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year279
10OnePath OA Frontier - OptiMix Conservative6.44%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year357
1HESTA - Conservative Pool6.64%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year260
2NGS Super - Defensive6.52%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year269
3AustralianSuper - Stable6.47%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year349
4CSC PSSap - Income Focused6.34%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year336
5Sunsuper for Life - Conservative6.26%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year276
6TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Conservative6.01%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year282
7Vision SS - Conservative5.95%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year281
8QANTAS Super Gateway - Conservative5.93%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year274
9Media Super - Stable5.93%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year270
10Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Conservative Growth5.80%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year267
1AustralianSuper - Stable6.46%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year349
2HESTA - Conservative Pool6.41%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year260
3CSC PSSap - Income Focused6.28%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year336
4NGS Super - Defensive5.98%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year269
5TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Conservative5.91%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year282
6Sunsuper for Life - Conservative5.90%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year276
7StatewideSuper - Conservative5.76%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year306
8Cbus - Conservative5.76%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year245
9UniSuper Accum (1) - Conservative5.69%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year279
10Vision SS - Conservative5.68%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year281
1Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Cash0.50%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019CashFYTD267
2Intrust Core Super - Cash0.50%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019CashFYTD249
3NGS Super - Cash & Term Deposits0.44%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019CashFYTD269
4Sunsuper for Life - Cash0.44%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019CashFYTD276
5Catholic Super - Cash0.40%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019CashFYTD237
6LUCRF Super - Cash0.39%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019CashFYTD253
7Rest - Cash0.38%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019CashFYTD222
8QANTAS Super Gateway - Cash0.38%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019CashFYTD274
9Media Super - Cash0.38%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019CashFYTD270
10AustralianSuper - Cash0.36%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019CashFYTD349
1Intrust Core Super - Cash2.03%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Cash1 year249
2Sunsuper for Life - Cash1.97%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Cash1 year276
3Vision SS - Cash1.95%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Cash1 year281
4NGS Super - Cash & Term Deposits1.93%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Cash1 year269
5First State Super - Cash1.92%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Cash1 year259
6LUCRF Super - Cash1.88%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Cash1 year253
7Catholic Super - Cash1.88%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Cash1 year237
8AustralianSuper - Cash1.87%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Cash1 year349
9Rest - Cash1.86%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Cash1 year222
10Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Cash1.85%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Cash1 year267
1Intrust Core Super - Cash2.04%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Cash3 year249
2Catholic Super - Cash1.98%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Cash3 year237
3Sunsuper for Life - Cash1.97%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Cash3 year276
4First State Super - Cash1.93%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Cash3 year259
5NGS Super - Cash & Term Deposits1.93%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Cash3 year269
6AustralianSuper - Cash1.88%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Cash3 year349
7Vision SS - Cash1.88%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Cash3 year281
8Club Plus Super - Cash1.88%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Cash3 year302
9Rest - Cash1.87%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Cash3 year222
10Tasplan - Cash1.85%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Cash3 year289
1Club Plus Super - Cash2.31%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Cash5 year302
2Catholic Super - Cash2.18%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Cash5 year237
3Intrust Core Super - Cash2.18%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Cash5 year249
4Sunsuper for Life - Cash2.12%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Cash5 year276
5Tasplan - Cash2.09%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Cash5 year289
6NGS Super - Cash & Term Deposits2.07%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Cash5 year269
7Vision SS - Cash2.06%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Cash5 year281
8AustralianSuper - Cash2.04%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Cash5 year349
9First State Super - Cash2.00%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Cash5 year259
10Rest - Cash1.98%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Cash5 year222
1Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Moderate Growth2.60%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD267
2QANTAS Super Gateway - Balanced2.40%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD274
3IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Moderate Trust2.24%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD250
4Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Conservative Balanced2.12%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD363
5Local Government Super Accum - Balanced2.10%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD345
6AustralianSuper - Conservative Balanced2.05%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD349
7ASGARD Emp Super - SMA Moderate2.02%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD340
8TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Defensive Growth1.96%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD282
9LGIAsuper Accum - Balanced1.96%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD311
10OnePath OA Frontier - OptiMix Moderate1.87%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD357
1UniSuper Accum (1) - Conservative Balanced9.23%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year279
2TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Defensive Growth8.29%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year282
3Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Moderate Growth7.94%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year267
4AustralianSuper - Conservative Balanced7.87%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year349
5ASGARD Emp Super - SMA Moderate7.72%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year340
6Sunsuper for Life - Retirement7.68%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year276
7Colonial FS RO - Balanced Option7.45%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year392
8IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Moderate Trust7.33%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year250
9First State Super - Balanced Growth6.85%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year259
10Vision SS - Balanced6.80%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year281
1Vision SS - Balanced8.22%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year281
2Sunsuper for Life - Retirement8.13%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year276
3AustralianSuper - Conservative Balanced8.06%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year349
4First State Super - Balanced Growth7.92%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year259
5TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Defensive Growth7.89%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year282
6NGS Super - Balanced7.46%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year269
7QANTAS Super Gateway - Balanced7.40%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year274
8ASGARD Emp Super - SMA Moderate7.29%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year340
9Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Moderate Growth7.25%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year267
10LGIAsuper Accum - Balanced7.15%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year311
1AustralianSuper - Conservative Balanced7.84%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year349
2TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Defensive Growth7.80%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year282
3Vision SS - Balanced7.54%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year281
4UniSuper Accum (1) - Conservative Balanced7.47%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year279
5Sunsuper for Life - Retirement7.19%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year276
6First State Super - Balanced Growth7.17%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year259
7NGS Super - Balanced6.78%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year269
8LGIAsuper Accum - Balanced6.74%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year311
9Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Moderate Growth6.72%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year267
10Local Government Super Accum - Balanced6.70%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)5 year345
1Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Bonds2.35%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD363
2Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Fixed Interest2.20%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD267
3Mine Super - Bonds2.11%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD342
4CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Fixed Interest2.05%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD235
5LGIAsuper Accum - Diversified Fixed Interest1.65%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD311
6Hostplus - Diversified Fixed Interest1.64%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD343
7smartMonday PRIME - Fixed Interest - Diversified1.62%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD226
8IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Diversified Fixed Interest Trust1.55%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD250
9Sunsuper for Life - Diversified Bonds1.52%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD276
10QSuper - Diversified Bonds1.49%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed InterestFYTD251
1Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Bonds10.85%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year363
2Mine Super - Bonds10.08%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year342
3Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Fixed Interest9.82%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year267
4CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Fixed Interest9.35%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year235
5HESTA - Global Bonds8.08%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year260
6Sunsuper for Life - Diversified Bonds7.72%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year276
7QSuper - Diversified Bonds7.54%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year251
8LGIAsuper Accum - Diversified Fixed Interest7.34%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year311
9smartMonday PRIME - Fixed Interest - Diversified7.19%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year226
10StatewideSuper - Diversified Bonds7.09%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed Interest1 year306
1Mine Super - Bonds4.96%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year342
2Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Bonds4.86%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year363
3Hostplus - Diversified Fixed Interest4.70%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year343
4Catholic Super - Diversified Fixed Interest4.22%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year237
5Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Fixed Interest4.11%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year267
6Sunsuper for Life - Diversified Bonds4.01%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year276
7HESTA - Global Bonds3.80%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year260
8AustralianSuper - Diversified Fixed Interest3.74%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year349
9StatewideSuper - Diversified Bonds3.73%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year306
10CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Fixed Interest3.62%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed Interest3 year235
1Hostplus - Diversified Fixed Interest5.37%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year343
2Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Fixed Interest4.44%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year267
3HESTA - Global Bonds4.39%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year260
4Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Bonds4.39%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year363
5Catholic Super - Diversified Fixed Interest4.31%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year237
6StatewideSuper - Diversified Bonds4.24%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year306
7CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Fixed Interest4.23%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year235
8AustralianSuper - Diversified Fixed Interest4.23%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year349
9Mine Super - Bonds4.13%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year342
10TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Fixed Interest3.91%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Diversified Fixed Interest5 year282
1Tasplan - Growth3.73%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD289
2IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Growth Trust3.57%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD250
3Mercer Super Trust - Mercer High Growth3.17%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD267
4BT Super for Life - 1970s Lifestage Fund2.72%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD371
5smartMonday PRIME - Growth - Active2.72%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD226
6Maritime Stevedores AccumPlus - Growth2.68%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD283
7Local Government Super Accum - High Growth2.66%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD345
8HESTA - Shares Plus2.64%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD260
9TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Growth2.63%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD282
10QANTAS Super Gateway - Aggressive2.63%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)FYTD274
1Aust Ethical Pers - Growth10.00%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)1 year352
2Tasplan - Growth9.80%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)1 year289
3AMP FS Choice - Super Easy Growth8.85%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)1 year532
4CSC PSSap - Aggressive8.76%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)1 year336
5First State Super Tailored Super Plan - Growth Fund8.74%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)1 year259
6IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Growth Trust8.40%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)1 year250
7Sunsuper for Life - Growth8.40%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)1 year276
8MTAA Super - Growth8.32%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)1 year271
9Media Super - Growth8.30%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)1 year270
10Mercer Super Trust - Mercer High Growth8.29%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)1 year267
1Sunsuper for Life - Growth11.41%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)3 year276
2Hostplus - Shares Plus11.21%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)3 year343
3AustralianSuper - High Growth10.98%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)3 year349
4HESTA - Shares Plus10.78%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)3 year260
5Tasplan - Growth10.67%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)3 year289
6Media Super - Growth10.64%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)3 year270
7MTAA Super - Growth10.61%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)3 year271
8UniSuper Accum (1) - Growth10.60%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)3 year279
9Vision SS - Growth10.55%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)3 year281
10Local Government Super Accum - High Growth10.32%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)3 year345
1Hostplus - Shares Plus10.19%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)5 year343
2AustralianSuper - High Growth10.18%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)5 year349
3MTAA Super - Growth9.95%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)5 year271
4UniSuper Accum (1) - Growth9.89%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)5 year279
5Sunsuper for Life - Growth9.86%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)5 year276
6Tasplan - Growth9.46%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)5 year289
7Media Super - Growth9.42%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)5 year270
8Local Government Super Accum - High Growth9.39%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)5 year345
9CareSuper - Growth9.38%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)5 year347
10HESTA - Shares Plus9.36%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Growth (77-90)5 year260
1Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Diversified Shares3.30%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD267
2OnePath OA Frontier - OptiMix High Growth2.84%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD357
3Equip MyFuture - Growth Plus2.81%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD242
4VicSuper FutureSaver - Equity Growth Option2.75%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD286
5Colonial FS RO - High Growth Option2.73%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD392
6Catholic Super - Aggressive (MySuper)2.64%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD237
7Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Shares2.58%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD363
8Mine Super - Aggressive2.58%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD342
9Cbus - High Growth2.47%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD245
10Plum - Pre-mixed Aggressive2.38%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)FYTD634
1MLC MKey - Horizon 6 - Share Portfolio8.70%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year634
2VicSuper FutureSaver - Equity Growth Option8.53%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year286
3UniSuper Accum (1) - High Growth8.43%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year279
4Sunsuper for Life - Shares8.24%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year276
5Asgard SMAF - SMA High Growth8.06%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year340
6NGS Super - Shares Plus7.79%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year269
7EISS Super - High Growth7.66%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year348
8Plum - Pre-mixed Aggressive7.62%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year634
9Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Diversified Shares7.52%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year267
10Cbus - High Growth7.50%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)1 year245
1UniSuper Accum (1) - High Growth12.17%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year279
2Sunsuper for Life - Shares12.07%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year276
3Equip MyFuture - Growth Plus11.96%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year242
4VicSuper FutureSaver - Equity Growth Option11.60%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year286
5MLC MKey - Horizon 6 - Share Portfolio11.58%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year634
6Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Diversified Shares11.23%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year267
7Plum - Pre-mixed Aggressive11.17%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year634
8Asgard SMAF - SMA High Growth11.10%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year340
9First State Super - High Growth11.04%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year259
10Cbus - High Growth11.03%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)3 year245
1UniSuper Accum (1) - High Growth10.98%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year279
2Cbus - High Growth10.28%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year245
3Equip MyFuture - Growth Plus10.23%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year242
4MLC MKey - Horizon 6 - Share Portfolio10.08%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year634
5NGS Super - Shares Plus10.02%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year269
6Intrust Core Super - Growth9.84%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year249
7Catholic Super - Aggressive (MySuper)9.78%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year237
8Plum - Pre-mixed Aggressive9.71%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year634
9Sunsuper for Life - Shares9.68%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year276
10VicSuper FutureSaver - Equity Growth Option9.68%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019High Growth (91-100)5 year286
1OnePath Integra - OnePath Global Shares4.70%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019International SharesFYTD357
2OnePath OA Frontier - OptiMix Global Shares4.41%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019International SharesFYTD357
3Plum - International Shares - Index4.18%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019International SharesFYTD634
4First State Super - International Equities4.16%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019International SharesFYTD259
5Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Overseas Shares (Unhedged)3.99%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019International SharesFYTD267
6Mine Super - International Shares3.72%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019International SharesFYTD342
7Aust Ethical Pers - International Shares3.51%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019International SharesFYTD352
8AMP FLS - Specialist International Share3.48%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019International SharesFYTD297
9AMP FLS - AMP International Share3.45%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019International SharesFYTD297
10SD Bus - Multi-manager International Equities3.23%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019International SharesFYTD437
1OnePath Integra - OnePath Global Shares13.63%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019International Shares1 year357
2Zurich Super - Zurich Global Thematic Share CF11.74%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019International Shares1 year353
3OnePath OA Frontier - OptiMix Global Shares9.55%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019International Shares1 year357
4Aust Ethical Pers - International Shares9.54%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019International Shares1 year352
5First State Super - International Equities9.04%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019International Shares1 year259
6Commonwealth Bank Group Super - International Shares8.21%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019International Shares1 year364
7AustralianSuper - International Shares8.10%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019International Shares1 year349
8Rest - Overseas Shares7.92%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019International Shares1 year222
9Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Overseas Shares (Unhedged)7.84%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019International Shares1 year267
10NGS Super - International Shares7.78%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019International Shares1 year269
1OnePath Integra - OnePath Global Shares16.00%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019International Shares3 year357
2First State Super - International Equities14.37%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019International Shares3 year259
3Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Overseas Shares (Unhedged)13.84%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019International Shares3 year267
4Plum - International Shares - Index13.56%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019International Shares3 year634
5Commonwealth Bank Group Super - International Shares13.41%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019International Shares3 year364
6AustralianSuper - International Shares13.40%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019International Shares3 year349
7Equip MyFuture - Overseas Shares13.19%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019International Shares3 year242
8OnePath OA Frontier - OptiMix Global Shares13.14%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019International Shares3 year357
9AMP FLS - Specialist International Share13.13%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019International Shares3 year297
10AMP FLS - AMP International Share13.11%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019International Shares3 year297
1OnePath Integra - OnePath Global Shares14.30%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019International Shares5 year357
2Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Overseas Shares (Unhedged)12.09%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019International Shares5 year267
3Russell iQ Super Emp - Global Opportunities12.07%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019International Shares5 year310
4Plum - International Shares - Index11.96%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019International Shares5 year634
5AustralianSuper - International Shares11.87%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019International Shares5 year349
6UniSuper Accum (1) - International Shares11.87%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019International Shares5 year279
7OnePath OA Frontier - OptiMix Global Shares11.67%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019International Shares5 year357
8MLC MKey - MLC Global Share Fund11.42%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019International Shares5 year634
9First State Super - International Equities11.39%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019International Shares5 year259
10Commonwealth Bank Group Super - International Shares11.38%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019International Shares5 year364
1First State Super - Property6.16%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019PropertyFYTD259
2Mine Super - Property3.47%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019PropertyFYTD342
3OnePath Integra - OnePath Property Securities3.20%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019PropertyFYTD357
4smartMonday PRIME - Property - Diversified2.71%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019PropertyFYTD226
5AMP FLS - Specialist Property & Infrastructure2.70%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019PropertyFYTD297
6Catholic Super - Property2.62%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019PropertyFYTD237
7Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Property2.54%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019PropertyFYTD267
8Media Super - Property2.22%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019PropertyFYTD270
9Rest - Property2.08%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019PropertyFYTD222
10Sunsuper for Life - Property2.07%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019PropertyFYTD276
1BT Lifetime Super Emp - BT Property Securities17.77%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Property1 year220
2LUCRF Super - Property16.30%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Property1 year253
3First State Super - Property15.43%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Property1 year259
4MLC MKey - MLC Property Securities Fund15.31%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Property1 year634
5Plum - Diversified Property Securities15.16%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Property1 year634
6AMP FLS - Specialist Property & Infrastructure14.81%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Property1 year297
7Mine Super - Property14.75%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Property1 year342
8BT Bus Super - Westpac Australian Property Securities14.64%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Property1 year646
9smartMonday PRIME - Property - Diversified14.10%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Property1 year226
10Colonial FS RO - Property Securities Option11.84%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Property1 year392
1Intrust Core Super - Property11.32%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Property3 year249
2First State Super - Property10.84%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Property3 year259
3CareSuper - Direct Property10.62%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Property3 year347
4Rest - Property10.34%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Property3 year222
5TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Property10.30%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Property3 year282
6Mine Super - Property9.83%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Property3 year342
7Hostplus - Property9.35%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Property3 year343
8Catholic Super - Property9.20%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Property3 year237
9Equip MyFuture - Property8.80%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Property3 year242
10Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Property8.69%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Property3 year267
1MLC MKey - MLC Property Securities Fund12.55%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Property5 year634
2LUCRF Super - Property12.22%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Property5 year253
3BT Lifetime Super Emp - BT Property Securities11.57%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Property5 year220
4Plum - Diversified Property Securities11.53%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Property5 year634
5TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Property11.39%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Property5 year282
6First State Super - Property11.38%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Property5 year259
7CareSuper - Direct Property11.17%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Property5 year347
8BT Bus Super - Westpac Australian Property Securities10.64%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Property5 year646
9Intrust Core Super - Property10.53%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Property5 year249
10Rest - Property10.20%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Property5 year222
1smartMonday PRIME - Defensive - Index1.66%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD226
2Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Capital Stable1.59%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD363
3smartMonday PRIME - Defensive - Active1.47%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD226
4max Personal - Income1.38%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD341
5ANZ OneAnswer Pers - OnePath Income NCF1.26%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD357
6Super SA Triple S - Capital Defensive1.18%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD329
7CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Defensive1.11%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD235
8CFS FC Emp - FirstChoice Defensive0.98%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD235
9IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF Capital Secure Trust0.98%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD250
10Clearview - Conservative0.92%FYTDMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)FYTD367
1max Personal - Income7.27%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)1 year341
2Super SA Triple S - Capital Defensive6.21%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)1 year329
3smartMonday PRIME - Defensive - Index6.15%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)1 year226
4ANZ OneAnswer Pers - OnePath Income NCF5.51%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)1 year357
5Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Capital Stable5.49%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)1 year363
6smartMonday PRIME - Defensive - Active5.02%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)1 year226
7CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Defensive4.86%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)1 year235
8Clearview - Conservative4.27%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)1 year367
9CFS FC Emp - FirstChoice Defensive4.24%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)1 year235
10IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF Capital Secure Trust4.19%1 yearMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)1 year250
1Super SA Triple S - Capital Defensive5.01%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)3 year329
2Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Capital Stable4.16%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)3 year363
3CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Defensive3.18%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)3 year235
4ESSSuper Accum - Defensive3.07%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)3 year319
5Sunsuper for Life - Capital Guaranteed2.73%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)3 year276
6Perpetual WealthFocus - Perpetual Dynamic Fixed Income Fund2.71%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)3 year350
7IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF Capital Secure Trust2.66%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)3 year250
8max Personal - Income2.61%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)3 year341
9CFS FC Emp - FirstChoice Defensive2.55%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)3 year235
10smartMonday PRIME - Defensive - Active2.42%3 yearMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)3 year226
1Super SA Triple S - Capital Defensive4.97%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)5 year329
2Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Capital Stable4.05%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)5 year363
3CFS-FC Wsale Pers - FirstChoice Wsale Defensive3.40%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)5 year235
4max Personal - Income3.18%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)5 year341
5ESSSuper Accum - Defensive3.15%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)5 year319
6Sunsuper for Life - Capital Guaranteed3.03%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)5 year276
7smartMonday PRIME - Defensive - Index2.96%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)5 year226
8smartMonday PRIME - Defensive - Active2.88%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)5 year226
9CFS FC Emp - FirstChoice Defensive2.80%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)5 year235
10Clearview - Conservative2.62%5 yearMore Info30/09/2019Secure (0-19)5 year367
1Aust Ethical Pers - Australian Shares5.92%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Australian SharesFYTD352
2IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Australian Shares Trust3.09%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Australian SharesFYTD250
3Perpetual WealthFocus - Perpetual Industrial Share Fund2.58%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Australian SharesFYTD350
4Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Australian Shares2.16%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Australian SharesFYTD267
5VicSuper FutureSaver - Australian Shares Option1.88%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Australian SharesFYTD286
6legalsuper - Australian Shares1.39%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Australian SharesFYTD320
7Vision SS - Australian Equities1.36%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Australian SharesFYTD281
8HESTA - Australian Shares1.35%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Australian SharesFYTD260
9AustralianSuper - Australian Shares1.33%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Australian SharesFYTD349
10Intrust Core Super - Australian Shares1.15%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Australian SharesFYTD249
1Aust Ethical Pers - Australian Shares10.78%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Australian Shares1 year352
2IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Australian Shares Trust10.56%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Australian Shares1 year250
3UniSuper Accum (1) - Australian Shares9.95%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Australian Shares1 year279
4AustralianSuper - Australian Shares9.66%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Australian Shares1 year349
5First State Super - Australian Equities9.64%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Australian Shares1 year259
6QSuper - Australian Shares8.98%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Australian Shares1 year251
7VicSuper FutureSaver - Australian Shares Option8.81%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Australian Shares1 year286
8ING Super - Australian Shares8.69%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Australian Shares1 year461
9Mine Super - Australian Shares8.37%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Australian Shares1 year342
10Sunsuper for Life - Australian Shares8.36%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Australian Shares1 year276
1MLC MKey - MLC Australian Share Fund11.54%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Australian Shares3 year634
2IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Australian Shares Trust11.53%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Australian Shares3 year250
3UniSuper Accum (1) - Australian Shares11.53%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Australian Shares3 year279
4First State Super - Australian Equities11.37%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Australian Shares3 year259
5CareSuper - Australian Shares11.18%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Australian Shares3 year347
6Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Australian Shares11.18%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Australian Shares3 year267
7StatewideSuper - Australian Shares11.16%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Australian Shares3 year306
8AustralianSuper - Australian Shares11.09%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Australian Shares3 year349
9Sunsuper for Life - Australian Shares11.05%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Australian Shares3 year276
10QSuper - Australian Shares10.98%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Australian Shares3 year251
1Aust Ethical Pers - Australian Shares11.48%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Australian Shares5 year352
2StatewideSuper - Australian Shares9.39%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Australian Shares5 year306
3Catholic Super - Australian Shares9.35%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Australian Shares5 year237
4MLC MKey - MLC Australian Share Fund8.97%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Australian Shares5 year634
5Intrust Core Super - Australian Shares8.92%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Australian Shares5 year249
6Hostplus - Australian Shares8.89%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Australian Shares5 year343
7AustralianSuper - Australian Shares8.73%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Australian Shares5 year349
8Rest - Australian Shares8.64%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Australian Shares5 year222
9MTAA Super - Australian Shares8.57%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Australian Shares5 year271
10Club Plus Super - Australian Shares8.57%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Australian Shares5 year302
1QSuper - Balanced2.75%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD251
2Aust Ethical Pers - Balanced2.14%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD352
3IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Balanced Growth Trust1.93%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD250
4BT Super for Life - Pendal Sustainable Balanced1.52%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD371
5VicSuper FutureSaver - Growth (MySuper) Option1.50%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD286
6Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Growth1.45%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD267
7Mercy Super - MySuper Balanced1.39%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD414
8AustralianSuper - Balanced1.39%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD349
9QANTAS Super Gateway - Growth1.32%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD274
10Commonwealth Bank Group Super - Balanced1.15%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)FYTD364
1QSuper - Balanced10.38%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year251
2Aust Ethical Pers - Balanced9.09%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year352
3UniSuper Accum (1) - Balanced8.97%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year279
4AustralianSuper - Balanced7.38%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year349
5VicSuper FutureSaver - Growth (MySuper) Option7.28%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year286
6Sunsuper for Life - Balanced6.91%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year276
7IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Balanced Growth Trust6.87%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year250
8Mercy Super - MySuper Balanced6.84%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year414
9CSC PSSap - MySuper Balanced6.83%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year336
10MLC MKey - Horizon 4 - Balanced Portfolio6.44%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)1 year634
1AustralianSuper - Balanced10.07%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year349
2Hostplus - Balanced9.86%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year343
3Mercy Super - MySuper Balanced9.79%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year414
4Sunsuper for Life - Balanced9.78%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year276
5UniSuper Accum (1) - Balanced9.28%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year279
6Media Super - Balanced9.25%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year270
7Cbus - Growth (Cbus MySuper)9.19%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year245
8First State Super - Growth9.19%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year259
9Club Plus Super - MySuper9.12%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year302
10VicSuper FutureSaver - Growth (MySuper) Option8.97%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)3 year286
1AustralianSuper - Balanced9.23%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year349
2Hostplus - Balanced9.22%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year343
3UniSuper Accum (1) - Balanced8.94%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year279
4QSuper - Balanced8.79%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year251
5Cbus - Growth (Cbus MySuper)8.77%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year245
6MTAA Super - My AutoSuper8.69%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year271
7Sunsuper for Life - Balanced8.62%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year276
8Mercy Super - MySuper Balanced8.56%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year414
9CareSuper - Balanced8.46%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year347
10Catholic Super - Balanced (MySuper)8.23%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Balanced (60-76)5 year237
1Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Conservative Growth1.83%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD267
2BT Super for Life - Pendal Sustainable Conservative1.54%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD371
3AustralianSuper - Stable1.46%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD349
4Cbus - Conservative1.38%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD245
5ASGARD Emp Super - SMA Defensive1.37%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD340
6OnePath OA Frontier - OptiMix Conservative1.36%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD357
7CSC PSSap - Income Focused1.36%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD336
8QANTAS Super Gateway - Conservative1.32%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD274
9Aust Catholic Super & Ret - Conservative1.30%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD363
10Local Government Super Accum - Conservative1.27%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)FYTD345
1CSC PSSap - Income Focused7.47%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year336
2AustralianSuper - Stable6.83%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year349
3Cbus - Conservative6.60%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year245
4ASGARD Emp Super - SMA Defensive6.59%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year340
5Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Conservative Growth6.58%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year267
6HESTA - Conservative Pool6.58%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year260
7UniSuper Accum (1) - Conservative6.36%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year279
8Sunsuper for Life - Conservative6.34%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year276
9First State Super Tailored Super Plan - Moderate Fund6.25%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year259
10OnePath OA Frontier - OptiMix Conservative5.91%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)1 year357
1HESTA - Conservative Pool6.55%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year260
2AustralianSuper - Stable6.48%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year349
3NGS Super - Defensive6.45%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year269
4CSC PSSap - Income Focused6.37%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year336
5Sunsuper for Life - Conservative6.17%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year276
6Vision SS - Conservative5.87%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year281
7Cbus - Conservative5.82%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year245
8TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Conservative5.82%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year282
9Hostplus - Capital Stable5.82%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year343
10Media Super - Stable5.77%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)3 year270
1AustralianSuper - Stable6.39%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year349
2CSC PSSap - Income Focused6.36%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year336
3HESTA - Conservative Pool6.24%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year260
4NGS Super - Defensive5.91%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year269
5Sunsuper for Life - Conservative5.78%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year276
6TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Conservative5.75%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year282
7Cbus - Conservative5.68%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year245
8StatewideSuper - Conservative5.66%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year306
9BUSSQ Premium Choice - Defensive5.57%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year224
10Catholic Super - Conservative5.55%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Capital Stable (20-40)5 year237
1Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Cash0.40%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019CashFYTD267
2Intrust Core Super - Cash0.34%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019CashFYTD249
3NGS Super - Cash & Term Deposits0.31%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019CashFYTD269
4Sunsuper for Life - Cash0.30%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019CashFYTD276
5Catholic Super - Cash0.28%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019CashFYTD237
6LUCRF Super - Cash0.27%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019CashFYTD253
7Local Government Super Accum - Managed Cash0.27%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019CashFYTD345
8Media Super - Cash0.27%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019CashFYTD270
9BUSSQ Premium Choice - Cash0.27%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019CashFYTD224
10QANTAS Super Gateway - Cash0.26%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019CashFYTD274
1Intrust Core Super - Cash2.04%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Cash1 year249
2Vision SS - Cash1.99%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Cash1 year281
3Sunsuper for Life - Cash1.98%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Cash1 year276
4First State Super - Cash1.98%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Cash1 year259
5NGS Super - Cash & Term Deposits1.96%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Cash1 year269
6Catholic Super - Cash1.93%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Cash1 year237
7AustralianSuper - Cash1.91%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Cash1 year349
8LUCRF Super - Cash1.91%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Cash1 year253
9Rest - Cash1.89%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Cash1 year222
10QANTAS Super Gateway - Cash1.89%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Cash1 year274
1Catholic Super - Cash2.06%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Cash3 year237
2Intrust Core Super - Cash2.04%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Cash3 year249
3Sunsuper for Life - Cash1.99%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Cash3 year276
4NGS Super - Cash & Term Deposits1.94%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Cash3 year269
5First State Super - Cash1.94%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Cash3 year259
6Vision SS - Cash1.90%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Cash3 year281
7AustralianSuper - Cash1.90%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Cash3 year349
8Club Plus Super - Cash1.88%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Cash3 year302
9Rest - Cash1.88%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Cash3 year222
10Tasplan - Cash1.87%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Cash3 year289
1Club Plus Super - Cash2.33%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Cash5 year302
2Catholic Super - Cash2.20%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Cash5 year237
3Intrust Core Super - Cash2.19%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Cash5 year249
4Sunsuper for Life - Cash2.13%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Cash5 year276
5Tasplan - Cash2.11%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Cash5 year289
6Vision SS - Cash2.08%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Cash5 year281
7NGS Super - Cash & Term Deposits2.08%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Cash5 year269
8AustralianSuper - Cash2.05%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Cash5 year349
9First State Super - Cash2.01%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Cash5 year259
10Rest - Cash2.00%5 yearMore Info31/08/2019Cash5 year222
1Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Moderate Growth1.69%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD267
2TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Defensive Growth1.57%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD282
3AustralianSuper - Conservative Balanced1.52%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD349
4IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Moderate Trust1.46%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD250
5QANTAS Super Gateway - Balanced1.37%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD274
6Local Government Super Accum - Balanced1.31%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD345
7ASGARD Emp Super - SMA Moderate1.28%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD340
8Commonwealth Bank Group Super - Moderate1.27%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD364
9Colonial FS RO - Balanced Option1.25%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD392
10OnePath OA Frontier - OptiMix Moderate1.20%FYTDMore Info31/08/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)FYTD357
1UniSuper Accum (1) - Conservative Balanced8.50%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year279
2TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Defensive Growth7.81%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year282
3AustralianSuper - Conservative Balanced7.22%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year349
4Sunsuper for Life - Retirement6.79%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year276
5Mercer Super Trust - Mercer Moderate Growth6.79%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year267
6ASGARD Emp Super - SMA Moderate6.54%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year340
7Colonial FS RO - Balanced Option6.31%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year392
8Commonwealth Bank Group Super - Moderate6.21%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year364
9IOOF Employer Super Core - IOOF MultiMix Moderate Trust6.16%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year250
10Local Government Super Accum - Balanced5.89%1 yearMore Info31/08/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)1 year345
1Vision SS - Balanced8.07%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year281
2AustralianSuper - Conservative Balanced7.99%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year349
3Sunsuper for Life - Retirement7.91%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year276
4TelstraSuper Corp Plus - Defensive Growth7.77%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year282
5First State Super - Balanced Growth7.68%3 yearMore Info31/08/2019Conservative Balanced (41-59)3 year259
6NGS Super - Balanced7.29%3 year