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Volatility the new normal as super returns take a hit

…risk continue to challenge the outlook. The latest data from superannuation research house SuperRatings, reveals major fund categories all suffered declines in December 2018, contributing to an already horror fourth…

Voluntary super contributions ease

Voluntary superannuation contributions have eased slightly after approaching record highs as super members appeared to take a breather after riding the bull market of recent years. The latest data from…

Super funds report first gains in 5 months

latest data from superannuation research house SuperRatings reveals major fund categories all enjoyed strong growth in the first month of the year. The median return for the Balanced option in…

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Super funds enjoy late surge in final FY quarter

…be cautious, there is no guarantee that history will repeat itself. “The Australian economy has entered the federal election in a relatively vulnerable position, but it’s not all bad news,”…

Footy legend Brendon Gale’s lessons in leadership for super funds

Originally published by Investor Strategy News, 12 August 2018 There’s a whole industry that has developed around providing advice for good “leadership”. It’s actually worth billions, this new industry. Someone…

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Second straight monthly loss for super members as volatility becomes the new normal

…today. The latest data from superannuation research house SuperRatings reveals a decline of -3.1 percent in the month of October for members invested in the median Balanced option. However, because…

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